Would you do it?

I was listening to a “Never Trump” commentator on TV the other day….I do this because I want to hear where their heads are at right now. They were very upset about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer in an attempt to retrieve opposition information on Hillary Clinton. They acknowledged that what Donald Trump Jr. did was not illegal, but were upset at the ethic violation of meeting with a foreigner for opposition research.

The lawyer that Donald Trump Jr. met with had no ties to the Kremlin and the meeting produced no new information on Hillary.

People now are calling Trump Jr a “traitor” and the outrage from the left is in high gear….like overdrive.

I want to first point out that President Trump’s opponents in the Hillary camp did the SAME thing. A Hillary Clinton operative met with Ukrainian Ambassador Valery Chaly in March of 2016 to dig up dirt on members of the Trump campaign. 

I have worked on several campaigns, anyone who says that there is no opposition research done is LYING to you! If you are a smart candidate you actually hire to have opposition research done on YOURSELF to see what is found and prepare for a defense.

Now I want to address the ethical side of this.

Was it right for Donald Trump Jr to meet with a foreigner to retrieve information on taking down one of the most corrupt politicians to ever walk the face of the planet?

Was it wrong for Donald Trump Jr. to go to great lengths to help his father win?

Was it wrong for Donald Trump Jr to help his dad in trying to stop a “bought and paid for” Global Elitist from entering the Oval Office?

Was it wrong for Donald Trump Jr to go to any means necessary to stop the globalization takeover of America?

Donald Trump Jr, like all of us will stand before God some day, I am not his judge.

Having been the daughter of a political candidate, I don’t know how far I would have gone to help my dad, if I knew that my dad’s opponent was as corrupt to the core as Hillary.

Do the ends justify the means? This is the debate at hand……

Seeing that no information of value was retrieved to take down Hillary from that meeting, I guess we’ll never really know.

From an ethical standpoint, I will say this about our President since everyone is tying Donald Jr’s actions to him,  I didn’t hire Donald Trump to be my pastor, or priest or mentor. I didn’t hire him to watch my kids or be a Godfather to them.

I hired Donald Trump to complete the promises made on the campaign trail, and he is.

(The below video calls out the hypocrisy of outrage by the left when it comes to their side doing the SAME thing in retrieving op research)