STOP the @#$% ‘ing SPENDING!!!

Okay I said it under Obama and I gotta say it while a President that I totally love and support is in the Oval Office too —-For the LOVE STOP THE SPENDING!!!!!!

Last night while we were all sleeping a government Shut Down occurred, it was the shortest government shut down ever -less than 6 hours, from 12:01am EST last night to about 5:30am EST this morning. The House then passed a two-year budget deal that earlier passed the Senate with only 16 Republicans voting against it. They passed it 240-186 with 67 Republicans voting against it.

Here’s what’s in the deal according to MarketWatch:

Spending caps are raised by about $300 billion over two years. Military spending would be raised by $80 billion in the current fiscal year and by $85 billion next year.

• Nondefense spending would increase by $63 billion in this fiscal year, which ends in September. Next year it would increase by $68 billion.

• The debt limit would be suspended through March 2019, according to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. That would put another vote well past this year’s midterm elections.

• $20 billion to “augment” infrastructure programs including surface transportation and rural water and wastewater systems, according to Schumer.

• $6 billion to fight the opioid epidemic.

• $4 billion for rebuilding veterans’ hospitals.

• $4 billion for college affordability programs aimed at helping police officers, teachers and firefighters.

• $90 billion in disaster aid for Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

• Repeals Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB, which is designed to control Medicare costs.


This Bill adds 1.5 TRILLION to our National Debt over the course of Ten YEARS! The Bill increases spending 21%!!! Honestly-what if you or I increased our household spending by 21% with NO ADDITIONAL INCOME coming in!??? Republicans want to spend for Military, Democrats want to increase spending for Welfare! So what do these guys do, just INCREASE spending across the BOARD AND it’s straight up INSANITY!!!

You have to watch the first few Minutes of Rand Paul’s Speech here, he NAILS it and I am right there with him on this!

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Ahhh…..the Mainstream Media

In the news today is all the hype of Savannah Guthrie’s interview with Rand Paul on NBC’S The Today Show. At first hearing this I was like “oh here we go”…..main stream media freaking out that Rand Paul wasn’t going to let a journalist control the message. Here’s the deal, you can’t -if you are a Conservative- let the main stream media control the interview….because they will make you look like a fool….we saw this with the Palin/Katie Couric interview back in 08, remember! I gave up all main stream media news sources years ago…..their “truth” is not the truth….this day in age- ya gotta hunt for the truth-and find it on your own.

Here’s what everyone is commenting over:

What was more amusing to me than this interview was the left’s portrayal of the interview. Rand Paul’s attacking a WOMAN journalist. “Poor Savannah Guthrie…..she was just doing her job!” 😦 Women are never weak and defenseless in the liberal world, but they will be when it fits the narrative.

You see I wouldn’t have an issue with this, if liberal journalists did their jobs when interviewing LIBERALS AS WELL! But, you see….. that doesn’t happen….they throw soft balls to those with similar views all through the interview….no tough questions like the ones seen in the interview above.

Savannah Guthrie, is not a weak women, but she was more then willing to let Chuck Todd step in and defend her from the “horrible Rand Paul”…why? Because it furthers the left liberal agenda of keeping any Conservative out of the Oval Office. Savannah does not need to be defended -the woman is a trial lawyer….she can hold her own. Savannah also previously worked at MSNBC (Liberal News Haven), and is married to Michael Feldman, a former Democratic political adviser. Savannah’s husband was also Vice President Al Gore’s traveling chief of staff. He also served on Bill Clinton’s campaign staff in the 90’s….in short…the guy is a major LEFTY. My guess is Savannah and Michael have politics in common.

I also bet Savannah isn’t going to like anyone that comes on The Today Show, unless they are batting for the left.

Today, we have to be very careful to fully seek for the truth in those that are interviewed….but we MUST also decipher who is the interviewer and what is their agenda…because like it or not-they have one!

The best way to find the truth… to find it on your own.

Oh….and p.s: if you want your candidate to be FULLY vetted, torn to pieces, have all dirty laundry aired- vote for a conservative….the mainstream media will get that job done!

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