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Conservative Momma asks, “Why Trump?”

Every single one of these clips coming in is confirmation of the mainstream media’s liberal biased slant on reporting. I tell ya, they’d like to lead one to believe that every Trump supporter is some Confederate Flag waving Misogynist Nazi, and this is the OPPOSITE of who Trump supporters are!  I love every single one of these clips because they defeat the liberal media’s agenda!

This next clip is from Dana. She is a wife of 33 years and a mother of Five grown adult children. Two of her children have served our country in uniform AND seen combat-we are forever indebted to their service. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have one of my babies risk their life for this great country-that would take courage and strength that most don’t have-what a brave momma! Dana is politically informed on the issues at hand and states why she is supporting Trump in the clip below.

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