The GREAT divider

The tragedy of Hurricane Harvey is heartbreaking and at the same time…..inspiring to those that had lost almost all hope in American strength and kindness. We witnessed overwhelming love and compassion for those who had lost everything. First responders displaying heroism at it’s best, stories of successful rescues, loved ones reuniting with loved ones, unity, and an unrelenting empathy for total strangers. We saw Americans coming together to help their fellow Americans.

No rescuers were stopping to ask those they were rescuing “who they voted for in the last election?”
No nurses were asking those wanting to give blood “if they were Republican or Democrat?”

Politics had been set aside…..or at least I was naive enough in that moment to think so.

Within moments of President Trump leaving to go visit the victims of Hurricane Harvey, the media pounced at what our First Lady Melania Trump was wearing as she boarded Marine One. She was wearing Heels. THE NERVE! She had high heels on and the media was salivating at the opportunity to tear into her choice of attire. The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Washington Post and Vogue ALL ran articles about Melania’s choice of footwear. The Washington Post is quoted saying: Mrs. Trump “offered up a fashion moment instead of an expression of empathy.” The other mainstream media sources used this moment to describe Melania and our President as “out of touch” and “elite.” Little did the media know that Melania was going to change her shoes on the flight to Houston. When she arrived she had on sneakers and a ball-cap, prepared to greet those who had lost so much.

The media, then decided to attack our President on his “lack of empathy.” Media outlets complained that Trump was visiting too soon and should have waited, his visit was a distraction to those in need. Now, we know if Trump had waited -the media would have attacked Trump on not visiting soon enough, and the story would have been how disengaged he was to those in need! You can’t WIN with the Media. Very few outlets commended the President for donating 1 MILLION of his own money to help those impacted by Harvey.  Our media, the great divider- owned by Globalists, fueled with hate for President Trump is relentless….they won’t let up.

The media displayed the desire to NOT UNITE but to actively DIVIDE our country in the midst of a tragedy and it is BEYOND disgusting!

Last night after a busy day, I looked at picture after picture displaying our President being a GREAT President and responding to the needs of so many hurting Americans….these pictures are pictures the mainstream media does not want you to see:



I think at this point so many Americans are waking up to the fact that the Media is playing the American people. The media is OWNED by those that DO NOT WANT America to be great. The media wants to cause division and disunity. The media will even go so far as to use a tragedy to further an agenda hoping to shatter this country. Why? Because our President stopped their agenda….the agenda to dissolve America of its sovereignty and strip Americans of their Individual Liberty.

We must continue to stop this goal. To push back on the Media’s agenda. I do this by impersonating how asinine they really are…..enjoy……

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