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It’s because of hate, that they now care

Almost every journalist/reporter I follow on twitter is Liberal, far left and hates Trump. Why do I follow them, because I want to know what the other side is saying. Recently the left has decided to become fiscally conservative and very concerned about President Trump’s time spent on the golf course and the money being spent on his frequent trips to Mar a lago. I keep reading rants and rants about the money being spent to protect Melania and Barron Trump in Trump Tower in New York City too.

As I read these articles, rants, tweets, and comments on President Trump’s so called spending I sit back amused.

Where have these liberals been the last eight years!??

These same people that complain about President Trump’s spending were silent when Obama nearly DOUBLED our NATIONAL DEBT! When President Obama took office our National Debt stood at 10.6 Trillion and when Obama left office our National Debt was almost 20 Trillion.

Under Obama over 125 Billion in waste was found at the Pentagon. The left was Silent.

Under Obama over 500 Billion in wasted was found at the Department of Housing and Development. The left was silent.

And more and more waste is currently being discovered in different departments that took place under Obama!

As Obama golfed with celebrities, sports stars and socialites all throughout his Presidency the left was silent!

Below is a clip of me playing a liberal who doesn’t care at all about Obama’s spending but greatly cares about Trump’s spending…..and if we are HONEST the ONLY reason liberals care about spending now is because they hate Trump….that’s the ONLY REASON and I enjoyed exposing this:


It’s because of hate that the left now cares….but…..I thought “love trumped hate?”

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