How Conservative Women feel about Modern Day Feminism.

All too often I hear modern day feminists say that they are speaking for all women. They are not speaking for all women. They are speaking for a small sect of women. Modern Day Feminists are part of “Third Wave Feminism.” The First Wave of Feminism took place in the 1920’s; the suffrage movement-the right for women to vote. The Second Wave Feminism occurred in the 1960’s which primarily centered around abortion rights and equality of men and women in the work place. The Third Wave of Feminism which began in the 1990’s and is still in play today focuses on the abolishment of gender roles, gender correction theory and how the white male patriarchy is to be blamed for nearly almost everything!

I graduated from a state University and I was required to take “Women’s Studies” classes before graduation and it was painful. “The white male is horrible,” “Sex is not sacred,”  “intimacy is a sign of weakness,” “the ambiguous-ness of gender is empowering,” “Abortion is the only way to handle the so-called inconvenience”  were all things I heard. After passing the class, I was a thousand times more confused than when I had entered.

I never in my life have felt second to a man. I was raised to never, no matter what -see myself as a victim of anything! I was born in America and already had struck gold! Have I experienced misogyny-yes, there are jack-asses in this world. But I am not going to lump a few insecure men in with all men.

I watch these women’s marches, and these “days without women” and I feel so far removed from these women that say they speak for me. They don’t.

I embrace being a woman. I am empowered by my femininity. I was not created to do everything a man can do but created to do everything a man can NOT do. Growing life inside my womb has been the most empowering thing I have ever experienced. Nursing my babies was power. I was supplying all their needs through my body alone! My body felt more alive than ever before!

Sex today has become a conquest. Women are somehow “bad-asses” if they sleep around and have no emotional connection. This is not empowering, or is it healthy. We were designed to be intimate and vulnerable and this is not found in casual sex.

Equal Pay arguments are often heard from these Third Wave Feminists. The Equality Pay Act of 1963 makes it ILLEGAL for women to be paid less than men for the SAME job! Yet, we still have women harping about this! If you are a woman and you are being paid less than a man at your current job for the same role, than assert yourself and take this up with Human Resources!

In the video below I speak for most Conservative women on how they feel about Modern Day Feminism. This was posted on Facebook last week and naturally it’s gotten some love and HATE.  I wanted to share it with my readers as well. Let me know your thoughts!