If you are voting for Democrats in the upcoming Mid-Terms, here are a few things you are voting AGAINST:

With every debate, argument or even disagreement I get into with someone that does not like Trump, it always stems from emotion. I had a women tell me Trump was racist the other day, I asked her to tell me what policies has Trump enacted that are racist? She couldn’t name one. She then went on to tell me how immoral Trump is, I asked her if she was as bothered by Bill Clinton’s improprieties when he actually WAS PRESIDENT at the time of his immoral actions? She didn’t want to answer the question. You see, I didn’t elect Trump to be my Pastor or Priest or Rabbi, I elected Trump to fulfill the promises he made to me on the campaign trail.

Most can’t get past emotion. Most vote on what they “feel,” instead of what policies are actually being implemented. While Trump was on the campaign trail in 2016, he promised to put America First. America First is a GOOD THING, but so many couldn’t get past their personal feelings on Trump to see this, to understand this. If every world leader chose to put their people first, we’d live in a pretty amazing world, Trump is just leading by example. If America leads and does thrive, the rest of the world thrives. If more had the ability to set their feelings and emotions aside, and really LOOK at what policies and legislation are and have been implemented, people would see that Trump is putting ALL AMERICANS, (regardless of race, gender, religion or party) FIRST.

If you vote on feelings, than you will be voting for Democrat policies in the upcoming Mid Terms on November 6th, because the current Democrat platform is “Hate Trump.” A feeling. No solutions, just hate. If you plan on voting for Democrats in the upcoming election this Fall, here is a list of policies and legislation (not feelings) you will be voting AGAINST:

-Lower Taxes, 5.5 Billion in Tax Cuts have happened under Trump. More working American are getting to keep their hard-earned money.

-Pulling out of Iran Deal. A deal that gave billions to a country that hates us and wants to wipe Israel of the face of the earth. A deal that had NO WAY of confirming that Nuclear Weapons were not being made!

-Moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem- a promise made by the last four Presidents, but Trump got it done.

-North Korea and South Korea getting along. Ending of Korean War.

-The beginning of the Denuclearization of North Korea.

-Annihilating ISIS.   

-Pulling out of TPP. Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, an agreement on trade that caused American sovereignty to be brought into question due to Global Courts and this agreement hurt American workers.

-Repealing Obamacare Individual Mandate. No longer being forced to buy something by the government.

-The release of American Hostages in North Korea.

-The Implementation of Regulatory Tax cuts, which are great for Small Businesses.

-The ending of Catch and Release.

-Five Year lobbying ban placed on members of Congress after they leave Congress- this is draining the SWAMP!

-Sanctions on Venezuela- BECAUSE dictators are crazy!

-Negotiating NAFTA- North American Fair Trade Agreement. Time changes deals, if a deal is no longer good because times have changed, time to renegotiate. Is the deal steal “Fair?”

-Becoming Energy Independent-Keystone Pipeline and North Dakota Pipeline.

-Going after MS-13 Gang Members.

-Policies enacted in combating Opioid Crisis here in America.

-Laws signed in fighting Sex Trafficking.

-Speaking up for the Unborn. First sitting President to EVER speak at the March for Life!

-Black Unemployment at an all time low.

-3.2 Million jobs have been created since Trump was elected.

-Illegal Border crossing down 41%.

-Unemployment at 3.9%.

-Trade Negotiations that are now putting America First.

-Getting out of the Paris Climate Agreement -which did nothing and hurt businesses.

-Consumer Confidence at a 17 year high.

-Signed the Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act to allow officials in the VA to fire failing employees and establish safeguards to protect whistleblowers.

-Reviving Space Exploration.

-Signed bills into law aimed at recruiting more women for the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. “STEM.”

-Jobless Claims lowest they have been in 45 years.

-Manufacturing Optimism is at an all time high.

-Welfare participation at a 17 year low.

-Rebuilding our Military.

-Support of Law Enforcement under Trump.

-Food Stamp Enrollment at a steady decline.

-Home-building permits highest they’ve been since 2007.

I’ll end the list here, not because there is no more GOOD to report, but because this blog has gotten way too long, perhaps this needs to be made into a video 😉

America First

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If you want to win General Elections.

I grew up in a family of athletes. All of my seven siblings competed in sports. When a competition, race, or game was won….our home was a happy place. Everyone wants to win. No one prepares to compete hoping to lose. I have found that true integrity is found in what one does after he/she loses though, but that is a whole other blog entry in itself. With 2018 Mid Term Elections around the corner, this blog is about winning, and how to KEEP winning.

Besides from blogging and vlogging, I have started a small company that specializes in the strategy of winning the independent vote. This is where my true passion lies, I like to win and I like to help the right people to win. I have worked on winning campaigns and I have worked on losing campaigns and the deciding factor in EVERY SINGLE POLITICAL RACE lies with the Independent voter.

I would like to preface what I am about to say by saying -I am a Conservative through and through. I am a “pro-life, second amendment loving, Constitution is the ‘end all be all,’ freedom of religion, free speech, government get out of my business” kind of Momma. When it comes to elections though…..I think long game. Time and time again I have watched General Elections LOST, because Conservatives chose wrong in their primaries. Many Republicans have the total and complete inability to think long term and when I say long term I mean just a few months down the road to the General Election. Too many Republicans have a check list, their candidate has to be a “purest” when it comes to Conservatism. If a candidate is a not a “purest” they are seen as unprincipled, a RINO, a closeted Democrat and are immediately limited in their chances of winning a Primary election.

My goal is to WIN Generals by putting up candidates in primaries that CAN WIN General Elections.  As mentioned above, the deciding factor in EVERY SINGLE POLITICAL RACE lies with the Independent voter. I am married to an Independent voter. The Independent voter thinks differently and refuses to be categorized. The Independent voter is insulted by anyone who would try to put them in a box. They are free thinkers, and approach almost every issue without cynicism but instead skepticism. Independents have the honest desire to solve the problems they observe.  And in their desire to solve the problem, they abandon partisan politics to find the solution. The complexity of the independent voter is to gauge what problems they observe to be top priorities and where they rank the timeliness in solving these problems.

There are multiple ways of deciphering how to prioritize the Independents concerns. In the last Presidential Race, we witnessed Hillary’s complete inability read the Independent. Why? There was no dialogue with the Independent. If you have no dialogue, you have no understanding. There are many ways to start a conversation without getting into a heated debate. For example, in my vlogging I use comedy. My videos incorporate comedy for a purpose. Yes, we all want to laugh but there is strategy behind the comedy. I think that humor opens the door that usually cannot be opened when spouting off Conservative facts to an Independent viewer. Don’t get me wrong, these Conservative rants we see all over the internet ARE needed to HOLD the base. And, yes we need to constantly be motivating our base. I just don’t want us to become an echo chamber. Our primary goal must be converting Independents to Conservative thought because this is where we WIN and this is HOW we win.

The questions we have to ask ourselves when campaigns start to ramp up is,  “Does this person engage in the necessary dialogue needed with the Independent voter, or are they consumed by Republican slogans with, no empathy to those outside the party?” And most importantly, “Will this person grab the Independent vote?”

If in the past your candidate won a Primary but LOST in the GENERAL, you picked the WRONG candidate in the Primary……time to reflect and choose wisely in 2018.


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Let’s win!