Yes, it’s a hot mess out there! (Latest satire and podcast linked in blog)

It LOOKS like a hot mess out there, because IT IS A HOT MESS out there.

Why is it a mess?


We’re currently looking at:

-Millions out of work


-Israel being attacked

-Iran now emboldened

-Higher gas prices 

-Gas shortages 

-Drugs pouring into our country

-Human trafficking at an all time high

-22k children without their parent at the southern border. 

-Civil unrest 

-Communist China not being held accountable at all for this last year

-Lumber prices up

-House prices up 

-Cyber attacks on our oil pipelines 

But hey, no mean tweets 👍.

In case you missed my latest Satire on this, watch it here 👇:

Let’s be honest though, the Left is fine with the list above, because they want Globalism. You can’t have thriving, liberty loving, independent individuals under globalism, people MUST BE DEPENDENT on Big Government. This hot mess is intentional. The left LOVES THIS.

OH, to the moderate Democrat ——-YOU HAVE BEEN PLAYED.

Yes, it is crazy out there, but I do know this and I am confident in this -God has us. He does. None of this is a surprise to Him.

Here is my latest podcast on all of this.

In this Podcast, I discuss the craziness going on in our world, but then I wanted to go into a greater detail on why there is conflict over Israel and the FACT that there has ALWAYS been conflict. Many are lying and saying Israel was colonized 73 years ago and they are occupying the land unrightfully –this is NOT TRUE.

The breakdown starts at 13 minutes in, Listen HERE or click the link below and subscribe:

Thank you all for your support and contributions.

Keep being a LIGHT and speaking THE TRUTH.

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CM LIVE Vlog: March 24th 2021

I was emotional in this one guys. The Boulder Shooting hit close to home and I am absolutely disgusted by the Left attempting to capitalize on real raw pain.

If you are paying attention, you see it all. If you aren’t paying attention, you probably don’t follow me or watch any of my videos. These last few months have been ROUGH! I can see where it’s headed (I am sure you do too) and it’s so frustrating. Either we have an absolute miracle take place, or buckle up and get right with God —either way, still get right with God.

Now I know it looks a little disheartening right now, but let me tell you the TRUTH, in the End- the GOOD guys win. I also wholeheartedly believe we were born for this time. God DOES NOT make mistakes. We are called to be living in this moment in time. YOU and me have a purpose, a call to be here right here and right now. Whatever lies ahead, know that you are equipped to handle it, walk through it and overcome it!

Click HERE for my latest commentary and LIVE Vlog: March 24th 2021 or click the link below 👇

To solely list on my new Podcast listen HERE.


God Bless you all and keep speaking THE TRUTH!

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