Make America Great Again…well….that’s happening.

I am amazed that some people dislike our president so much that they are willing to negate and go as far as to hate, the GOOD things that are happening in our country since President Trump has been elected!

Eric Trump said it best “They would rather see him (Trump) fail, than see America succeed, that’s the ugliness of Washington, D.C.”

I think that’s the ugliness of people in general.  I personally know people that hate Trump just to hate him. I can explain all the great things that he is doing and they don’t care! This honestly makes me question their love for America. If good things are happening to Americans, wouldn’t you be happy about it….I mean if you really wanted what’s best for America?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 1 MILLION jobs have been added since Trump took office! In July alone over 209,000 jobs were created! That’s up from what was expected (183,000).  Consumer confidence is at an all time high! The Dow hit an all-time high too and posted its eighth straight record close this last week! Companies are coming to America instead of leaving America! Just this last week Mazda and Toyota said that they are going to build a 1.6 Billion dollar plant here in the U.S. This will result in an additional 4,000 jobs created for Americans. All GOOD things!

Yet….there are those that HATE to see GOOD things happening to Americans. They can’t stand that Trump is fulfilling the promises he made on  the campaign trail and it drives them crazy to hear that Middle Class America is once again having a voice in this country.

I had to shoot this –to expose the lunacy of it all……enjoy and have a great weekend!