Clean House….Drain the Swamp!

For years I have listened to Democrats, Independents, and Republicans vent about the corruption of our Government. With Congress having a 13% approval rating yet once a politician is elected, they have an over 90% chance of being re-elected. Unseating an incumbent is damn near impossible. These people get to D.C. and they stay in D.C. They lose touch with us. They lose touch with those who sent them to fight FOR change. They instead focus on re-election and pacifying their big donors. The cycle of insanity continues, and the frustration is REAL.

Most people hate Politicians. The concept of being a “Public Servant” has evolved into pimping ones self out to the biggest donor….. a pathetic pandering to those who will write the BIG checks. Promises of “change and hope” only end up being the same old same old. Witnessing this graveling is embarrassing and sad…..just sad. These politicians are politicians. How can we expect change from them, when they know nothing outside of being politicians?

We have got 93 million Americans who are out of work. Our debt has doubled in the last eight years, now standing at 19 trillion dollars. We have almost 50 million Americans living in poverty. Our taxes have increased and our ranking Globally in education has declined. We are a nation divided, a nation in need of REAL CHANGE. But how can we expect change if we keep doing the same thing over and over? Einstein defines this as insanity….are we insane? Perhaps.

If your child is sick, would you hire a politician to treat them? What knowledge does this politician bring on the treatment of a sick child? Politicians who have been in D.C. for term after term are not experts on change, but they are simply experts at being re-elected. If they were really knowledgeable at fixing the problems we face, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in. If they were change makers, we’d see CHANGE. Yes, they can give a rousing speech, shake hands, kiss babies, and cause you to write a check to their campaign, but besides that, they lack the know how in problem solving. I wouldn’t take my child to a politician for treatment. I’d take them to a Doctor.

It’s time to solve the problems we face by electing problem solvers. It’s time to stop hiring people who have no knowledge of the private sector. It’s time to elect individuals that know how to create jobs, because they have actually created jobs. It’s time to appoint members in the Presidential Cabinet that KNOW HOW to head the Department they are placed in because they have lead in that capacity in the private sector. It’s time to enact Term Limits on Congress, and elect Congressmen and Women who are SOLUTION PROVIDERS. In order to properly treat our country, we have to hire people that know how to implicate the treatment needed, because they have done it in the private sector! These people exist, they just have to be given the shot…..what is there to lose?

With the recent re-opening of the FBI’s investigation of Hillary and her email server, we have to realize that if Hillary were elected, we the AMERICAN people would be watching a case unfold over the next year and a half. The issuing of an indictment and quite possibly a trial of Hillary Clinton. If this happens, America is put on hold, and other countries continue to fill the leadership role that America once played. We sit in limbo watching as Hillary tries to defend herself against her own trail of mass corruption and deceit.

A clear choice is in front us– More of the same OR a Change agent.

You don’t like Trump? Who said the President had to be your best pal?

We desperately NEED CHANGE and we NEED to begin healing our broken country. In order to see change, you have to make changes. You have the ability to stop the insanity of electing the same people over and over again and hoping for a different result. You can stop this cycle. Your vote is your voice, let your voice be heard loud and clear by shaking up a political establishment entrenched in back door deals and corruption….