Body Double….it’s been done in the movies…..

Hillary is diagnosed with Pneumonia on Friday. Any sane Doctor would insist that she rest, stay in bed and get better so that this “Pneumonia” does not go Septic- into blood stream, causing organ failure.

Hillary, wants to keep going and heads to NY for the 9.11 ceremony.  The episode occurs. She looks like death, honestly….the woman does not look well. The Secret Service and her handlers pretty much throw her into her motorcade van acting as though this sort of thing happens all the time.

They don’t go to the hospital, but instead Chelsea’s apartment.

An hour later, Hillary pops out front looking jazzy and full of energy -ready to go. Embracing children and all set to hit the trail again. With no security detail standing nearby in case she passes out again.


If you have Pneumonia, do you hit the streets of Manhattan after having a seriously concerning episode and hour prior???

Something isn’t right here.

Rumors are flying around that it was a body double and not Hillary that emerged from Chelsea’s apartment. The woman that emerged from Chelsea’s apartment in about 20 lbs thinner and her fingers are shorter and more stubby, look a these pics: download-2

images-8 imageshillary-body-double





Ok there are some differences right!  I can’t believe I am even typing this blog, I don’t want to sound like a crazy conspiracy theory nutso but I wouldn’t put this past the Clinton campaign.

After thinking about all this it reminded me of a movie from 1993.

“Dave,”  have you seen it? Stars Kevin Kline. Story line is that the President of the United States goes into a coma and they find a guy that looks just like him (a body double) to play the role.

Perhaps the movies may be a reality in this election season…..wouldn’t rule it out….ya never know right. 😉

Would you do this with Pneumonia?

I was listening to Hannity on the radio earlier, and he pointed out the fact that Hillary embraced a child after being diagnosed with “Pneumonia.” Would you embrace a child if you had Pneumonia?  Watch this:

Pneumonia IS CONTAGIOUS people….

I say Hillary went to Chelsea’s apartment, got a shot of adrenaline and bam, she’s back up and moving, which would be horrible to do if you really have Pneumonia. Which leads me to saying, I don’t she is dealing with is Pneumonia. If you have Pneumonia, you HAVE TO REST, if not, Pneumonia has a very good chance at going ‘Septic’-meaning it enters your bloodstream and there could be potential Organ Failure! Yep, that means you’re pretty much done-so once organs start shutting down. If you notice,  in the video of her passing out, she is leaning against the poll, and shaking -as if she is having a seizure, seizures attributed aren’t with Pneumonia.

I am also blown away by the response of the Secret Service and those around her. They don’t act surprised in the slightest that this is happening. As if these episodes occur all the time…..

It is rumored that the DNC is thinking of replacing Hillary. Whatever sickness Hillary has is no longer controllable, and that’s terrifying- especially with the debates coming up soon. What if Hillary were to have an episode during a debate!??

I would NEVER wish ill on anyone, health is a gift. If Hillary’s health is failing, people need seriously start vetting Tim Kaine.