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Top 10 Reasons on Why I am NOT voting for Hillary in 2016

Top 10 Reasons on why I am NOT voting for Hillary in 2016.

 Yesterday, Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that she is running for president again…..

Now I get that people often blindly vote according to party, without any insight on what their party’s candidate actually stands for…..so I thought I’d impart to you a little info on Hillary and why I’m not voting for her and why you shouldn’t either.

 1) I will NOT vote for someone based on the color of their skin. If I did, that would make me a racist. I will also not vote for someone solely based on their gender. If I did that would make me a sexist.

2) Speaking of gender, I cannot support a woman who touts about women’s rights but she gladly takes money from men that treat women as property. The “Bill Hillary and Chelsea Foundation” has taken millions from countries in the Middle East that treat women like dogs. Hmmmm…..kinda hypocritical if you ask me….don’t ya think!?

3) Hillary is also known for championing gay rights….but her same foundation has taken millions from countries that horrifically and brutally kill people just for being gay…..again….hypocritical right??!

4) On September 11th, 2012 The American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya was attacked. Killing Ambassador Chris Stephens, Officer Sean Smith, CIA operatives-Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. Secretary of State Officials (who were ordered by Hillary Clinton) denied several requests for additional security in Benghazi. It has also been reported that when nearby CIA operatives heard the cry for help-they were told to “Stand Down.” Why were they told to stand down? To me-it’s obvious. It was very close to the 2012 re-election of Obama. Obama was running on the fact that he had pretty much rid the world of terrorism…..if they would have sent guys in to help our men-it’d would have been a much more publicized situation. So they let our guys die. “Never leave a man behind”…..hmmm….not in Hillary’s world.

5) Shortly after the Benghazi attacks….Hillary and Obama stood before the American people and told us that the Benghazi attack was due to a you tube video, it has now been confirmed through emails that Hillary and Obama, knew it was not due to a video within 2 hours after the Benghazi attack…..but they had no problem telling “we” -the dumb, stupid American people that this attack was because of a video…..ahhhh who cares if our elected officials lie to us right!??

6) Hillary turned a blind eye while her hubby Bill ran around with a convicted pedophile-Jeffery Epstein. Jefferey is known to have been with girls suspected as young as 11 years old!!! Gross right?!! When I say “hang out” with-I mean…taking trips with Jefferey to foreign islands…one island known as “orgy island.” Now, instead of being a strong women, bold and fearless in confronting this evil….Hillary ignored the behavior. “Well….guys will be guys”….ummm no-not with children! I am a strong woman and I would NEVER put up with that shit!

7) I know it’s easy to forget…..but when Hillary’s serving in public office….whether it’s  “Senator” or “Secretary of State” she works for US! That’s right you and me…..aka…the PUBLIC. Hillary did not comply with the Federal Records Act. Which makes it clear that all Official government business should be conducted through a government email account. Hillary just decided to set up her own personal account to conduct official government business as Secretary of State- oh and she had her as own server as well! Because she’s Hillary right….and the law doesn’t apply to her 😉  It is REQUIRED that if any government business is conducted through personal email-these emails are to be forwarded to the State Department’s official records system-which is what Colin Powell did while he was Secretary of State. Hillary didn’t do this….and when she was asked for the emails…….she turned the ones SHE selected over (how convenient) then ….of course-she wiped the server clean…..

8) Hillary may claim to be just like one of us….but she hasn’t driven a car in 20yrs…..she has her own personal chauffeur. Because driving a car guys is sooo hard. Hillary’s net worth is over 20 million! She says she wants to help us “every day Americans”….but she has no clue what it’s like to be an “every day American.” I personally want someone that has lived in the private sector, held a normal job, and knows what a gallon of milk costs…..I am so over these career politicians….and Hillary is the epitome of a career politician!

9) So… I have yet to meet one person that can name me 3 major accomplishments Hillary has made that qualifies her to become the President of the United States….I am not asking for a loooooong list…just name three! Oh and please for the love -don’t say “Russian Re-set”…..after that “re-set” Putin invaded the Ukraine….mmmkay. And please don’t say our foreign policy has improved under her lead…..Ummm ….Hillary even refused to say Boko Haram was a terrorist organization….huh….I guess kidnapping girls and selling them into sex slavery doesn’t count ……oh and let’s remember Iraq caved to Islamic terrorism as well while she was Secretary of State…..ummm…have you checked out the state of the Middle East lately???

10) Lastly……With half of Americans receiving some kind of government assistance….I gotta say this is deeply saddening. America, the land of opportunity…..now the land of government handouts. It’s time to be inspired again! To get Americans working again, dreaming again, believing again…..but with Hillary….it’ll be more of what we have had the last 6.5 years. More debt, more government over-reach, and less individual freedom.

I will not fall victim to trading my freedom for government enslavement through dependency…and I hope you won’t either.

Not ready for Hillary

Oh…..this isn’t good….yet…..shhhhhhh

I am honestly amazed at the sound of crickets and the total lack of attention that the media is giving to Bill Clinton hanging our with a pedophile. Bill Clinton has flown at least 11 times on “The Lolita Express” a private plane owned by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Often flying to Epstein’s Caribbean get away known as “orgy island.” (here for full story).

These grossly rich old men are totally objectifying young women-some underage….and if your Epstein-we’re talking as young as 14 years old……ewwwww right!!! Some of these women have claimed they were sex slaves-that is being forced to have sex against their consent! Geeeeez……that for me falls into the category of mistreating women, mysogynism, abuse, sexism…..etc.

Huh……if these were Republican men…this story WOULD NOT GO AWAY!

But since the mainstream media is in the back pocket of the left……all WE hear is silence.

I’d also like to know WHERE oh WHERE are the feminazi’s and feminists on this one???? Hmmmmm…..only speak up on the mistreatment of women when it’s convenient to pushing your left wing agenda eh?? So you ladies would be cool having a guy who sleeps around on his wife, travels to orgy islands and hangs with a pedophile in his spare time as First Gentlemen in the White House???? Because that what ya get when you all vote for Hillary in 2016…..just sayin….

And don’t for a second play the poor Hillary card…..she is a grown woman….and a grown woman….would not put up with this crap!

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