A Good Guy with a GUN.

Today a School Security officer, “engaged” an armed school shooter at Great Mills High School, in southeast Maryland. This action taken by 34 year old Blaine Gaskill of St. Mary’s County, saved lives today!

St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron, said that: “a male student (now identified as 17 year old Austin Wyatt Rollins) fired at a female student in a hallway, also hitting a male student. An armed school resources officer (Blaine Gaskill) arrived at the scene, exchanging shots with the gunman.”

Gaskill is a Sheriff Deputy who fired at least one shot at the attacker, which caused the rampage to abruptly end.

It is still unclear if the shooter took his own life or if the bullet by Gaskill ended the perpetrators life. Either way, Gaskill’s engagement completely threw the assailant off his game plan to harm innocent people.

Here’s to GOOD GUYS and GALS WITH GUNS! Because you know what, the ONLY WAY to

busch beer cheers GIF by Busch

stop a bad guy with a gun, IS GOOD guy with a Gun! To not have schools ARMED, is NUTS!!! Every time you get on a plane there is a good guy with a gun on that plane. Every time you go to a concert, there is a good guy with a gun at that concert. Every time you go to a professional sporting event there is a good guy with a gun at that sporting event. WHY…..seriously WHY, do we not have armed security in EVERY single school in this country!??

Sitting ducks can not defend themselves!!! And these mass shootings tend to happen in “Gun Free Zones!” I say get rid of Gun Free Zones- THEY DO NOT WORK! They literally are invitations to kill people that can’t fight back.

Thank you Blaine Gaskill, a true hero that saved LIVES today.

Sheriff Deputy Blaine Gaskill

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Meet the Good Guy with a Gun:

Meet Stephen Willeford-55, a plumber and motor cycle enthusiast, with no military background, that knows how to shoot! Willeford was able to take aim, and shoot the assailant in yesterday’s Sutherland Texas Church shooting. Stephen Willeford in the midst of total chaos, was able to aim a bullet between the plates of the shooter’s body armor from outside the church!

The shooter dropped his weapon after being hit and fled. Willeford then pursued the shooter after he hit him. Willeford then flagged down a local passer by (Johnnie Langendorff) and the two- together chased down the shooter, who is said to have taken his own life in his car down the road.

Willeford’s neighbor says that he is a “big Christian,” and the “nicest man on the planet.”

We’ve known him for years. He’s childhood friends with my dad. He … came with his [gun], and he took cover behind a car, and he shot the guy, I’m not sure if it was inside the church or the guy was coming out, but if it wasn’t for him, the guy wouldn’t have stopped. And then that’s when the guy got in his vehicle and drove off. And our friend shot through the window at him, trying to get him again, and then he apparently crashed down the road.

Willeford saved lives  yesterday -a REAL HERO.

A good guy with a gun is what stops bad guys with guns! Know how to shoot, practice gun safety and always be aware of your surroundings!