Do as we say, not as we do.

Those that follow this blog know that I lived in a Hollywood for a while in my early twenties. I even worked for a well know celebrity and lived in their home. I saw first hand how celebrities live. I witnessed a side of Hollywood that most don’t see. Most see the glitz and glamour, I observed the insane hypocrisy.

I am always amused when Global Elites and Hollywood Celebrities want to get involved in politics and tell the rest of America how to vote, how to live and so forth. They do not live like us, yet they want to tell us how to live. They have multiple houses, multiple cars, private jets and a Carbon footprint the size of a small city!

Richard Branson for example, is quoted as saying “fossil fuels are dangerous” and he speaks out for Climate Change all the time, yet the guy flies all over in a carbon exhausting private jet daily! So does, Elon Musk-founder of Tesla (who receives a ton of government subsidies) flies his Gulf Stream G650ER all over emitting global warming toxins into the air! Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Leo Dicaprio, Obama, Al Gore…..all sooooooo concerned with Climate Change (it’s a bigger threat than ISIS remember)….yet they DON’T LIVE concerned. If they were, would they have multiple houses, private planes, yachts? No! They’d be living “all natural” in a tent! But they DON’T!

I am all for taking care of the earth –recycling, using less energy, and not being a glutton…..but what I am not all for is the out right hypocrisy of those screaming at us about Climate Change.

There is also a TON of money to be made in alternative energy and these Global Elites are capitalizing on it (that’s a whole new blog post entirely)! Capitalizing on it so they can go buy more houses, cars, private planes and so forth.

One of my favorite hypocrites is Climate Change Pioneer Al Gore. Besides living the lavish lifestyle of private jets, multiple homes and so forth, Gore sold his “Current TV” for $500 million to Al Jazeera.  Al Jazeera funded by the oil rich Arab nation of Qatar. Gore walked away from this deal with $100 million! He got rich by doing a deal with his so-called oil crazed “enemies!”

So naturally….I made a video to call all this hypocrisy out. Enjoy.