BREAKING: NAMES of those who potentially asked for unmasking of General Flynn. HERE THEY ARE:

Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has just released the names of those who potentially asked for the unmasking of Lt. General Flynn.

What does this mean?

This means that the list of below names listened/read transcript of PRIVATE CITIZEN Lt. General Flynn’s phone call with the Russian Ambassador Kislyak, and asked for the unmasking of Flynn. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, has safeguards in place, designed to protect Americans who are “incidentally” recorded with a foreigner. One protection is that they must be “masked.” In short, unmasking MUST have a national security rationale. But we now know the FBI had the transcript, nothing was said to the Russian Ambassador that displayed criminal activity. Flynn was not charged with ANYTHING said inappropriately to the Russian Ambassador, he was charged with lying to the FBI. Which we now know the FBI intentionally entrapped Flynn to lie, and yet these people wanted an unmasking.

An increase of masking by 300% was done here under the Obama Administration. Also this list includes OVER 16 Obama Administration Officials wanted an unmasking and 39 unmasking requests. Why did Samantha Powers, ambassador to the U.N. want to unmask Flynn? Another name on the list was Obama’s chief of Staff, Denis McDonough done on January 5th. Also Joe Biden, who told George Stephanopoulos last week: “I was aware that there was, that they had asked for an investigation but that’s all I know about it,” Biden said. Now we KNOW BIDEN ASKED FOR AN UNMASKING! Huh…’s almost as if they were all teaming up or something……..


These names below then KNEW Flynn DID NOTHING WRONG, and went along with the prosecution of Flynn! They sat and watched Flynn’s life be turned upside down as Robert Mueller pushed to prosecute Flynn.

Why did they do this?

They did this to push for the Russian Hoax! If they can get someone associated with Trump prosecuted, then they thought this would give validity to the RUSSIAN HOAX. This would cause an ousting of Trump.

We know the FBI and CIA weaponized our intelligence communities to spy on the Trump campaign, now we know that the Executive Branch was unmasking Flynn to further the Trump Russia Collusion Narrative.






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Breaking: Mueller to bring charges against Flynn…’s my take!

According to an exclusive report out by NBC News –Special counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly collected enough evidence to bring formal charges against President Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn (who resigned after 24 days for being dishonest to Vice President Pence) and his son, Michael Flynn Jr. who worked closely with his father.

The charges and evidence are in relation to Flynn’s lobbying work for the Turkish Government in late 2016.

Flynn is said to have met with representatives of the Turkish government in 2016 and explored possible ways to send Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim leader residing in the U.S. -who was a foe of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, back to Turkey, to face charges. Gulen was suspected of forming a military coup to overthrow Erdogan. Flynn, as a representative of his consulting firm Flynn Intel Group-met with senior representatives of Turkey’s government. Flynn’s said devised plan -was in exchange for millions of dollars.

I would like to first say, I don’t defend Flynn. If these charges are proven to be correct then may justice be served.

I would secondly like to point out this HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIAN COLLUSION in our 2016 Presidential election! It it yet another way for the media to cause a lot of drama and tie a formal cabinet member of President Trump with a charge. Essentially it’s a way for headlines to mislead the uninformed! I have said it, and I’ll say it again- THIS IS A WITCH-HUNT.  Muller is now bringing charges against people that have NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIAN COLLUSION AT ALL. Manafort, who’s trial is right before the mid-terms (how convenient huh) and now Flynn….who is next? I can guarantee you whoever it is -the charge will have nothing to do with the election, it’ll be something else to mislead the American People and continue the Russian Collusion narrative.

Mueller NEEDS TO GO. He has more ties to the Russians than anyone associated with Trump! Mueller turned a blind eye while U.S. officials were bribed by the Russians and sold 20% of our Uranium to the Russians! During this time Bill Clinton meets Putin and gets 500k for a speech. The Clinton Foundation then gets 145 Million form the Russians and there are documents now released stating Mueller knew all this and DID NOTHING!

Stay strong Patriots and don’t let the media distract you from the REAL RUSSIAN COLLUSION!

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