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I support President Trump, because I care about my children’s Individual Liberty.

Over the course of the last several months, I have upset some people. It was not intentional. People I have known for years couldn’t grasp how or why I supported Trump. Even now, months after the election, it can be awkward when I am around them…it’s that elephant in the room. Most have never wanted to know “why?” I guess they assume because I am a Republican I would just support the nominee, but I supported Trump way before he was the nominee, because I knew what was at stake. 

I took a picture the other day of my three children. I found myself just staring at it over and over again, that’s what we moms and dads do. All three of my children together, different faces, expressions and personalities packed inside their little bodies. They like different toys, enjoy different foods, laugh at different things and so forth. I can’t blanket parent them either, what works with one child, doesn’t work with the others, they are unique individuals. 

Individualism is God created, He knew us before we were formed. We have our own DNA, our own fingerprints unmatched to anyone else on earth!

What sets America apart from other nations is that she was founded upon Individual liberty. The recognition that true freedom is endowed to us by our Creator and not government. Empowering and equipping one to decide what is best for ones self. 

“There is only one kind of freedom and that’s individual liberty. Our lives come from our creator and our liberty comes from our creator. It has nothing to do with government granting it.” -Ron Paul

The erosion of our individual liberty as Americans has increased over the last 50 years. We have witnessed an overreach in government in all spectrums of our personal lives: our education, our Second Amendment Rights, our healthcare, the Johnson Amendment silencing churches, our free speech being questioned, our fourth Amendment Rights being violated by the NSA and so forth-these are just a few of the endless examples of how the government has encroached upon our own individual liberty. 

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” -Benjamin Franklin. 

Now most of this was done for the “betterment” of society. ‘The government knows better than the individual’ – is the ideology that has lead us to this point. 

Many Americans enjoy cushy government jobs -roughly 22 million Americans to be more exact. The belief that the government can meet the needs of the masses has become the norm. Only government does not create jobs. Government runs off of the tax payer.  Placing the burden of an enlarged government on the hardworking Middle  Class.

But, this wave of thinking that the elitists in government know better than the Individual has ushered in Globalism. The erosion of Individual Liberty, in exchange for global autonomy. This concept is anti-American, in that it annihilates the individual. Individual liberty is tied to the individual, therefore ones liberty also ceases to exist. 

This is why this past election was so contentious. It was a clash of what the future is to hold. 

You can’t have both. 

You can’t be a Globalist and a proponent of Individual Liberty. In globalism the individual loses their individualism in exchange for provision. The Global Elite rule and provide equally to the masses. The end goal world socialism, governed by the Elite. 

As a mom, looking at my children I knew what was at stake in the last election. I knew that their individual liberty was worth the fight and even worth the loss of a few dear friends. We may have won the battle but the war is not over. 

We are now witnessing protests funded by Globalists like George Soros, in hopes to further their agenda. We are seeing the  “Organization for Action” that President Obama currently heads, pushing for disruption, with the desire to delegitimize President Trump because he stands in total opposition to Globalism. And we witness a Media, owned by the Global Elite, pushing an agenda to tackle President Trump at his every move. 

My children’s Individual Liberty is at stake, because America’s future is at stake. Their uniqueness, their autonomy, their ability to choose what is best for themselves and not what an Elitist deems is best for them. America, through the years has faced tyranny but the tyranny now is within. It is because I love my children and their unmatched Individualism, that I will continue to fight against anyone who attempts to take it! 

Clean House, Shut down Media Bias, and keep swinging!

Shared from Facebook: “I am a facts girl. I want the facts. The media has not been able to turn up ANY facts that Russia conspired with President Trump in winning the election. If there was evidence we would have totally seen it plastered ALL over the place! It would be virtually impossible for Russia to mess with our Electoral College. If Russia was involved, why didn’t Trump win the popular vote which would have been considerably easier to tamper with? Yet the media thinks there is some connection & folks it’s just NOT there.
The media wants us to think that General Flynn broke some law in speaking with the Russian Ambassador, no law was broken. Flynn was not completely forthright with Vice President Pence on his conversation with Russia, so he stepped down.
I do know that Michael Flynn’s 4th Amendment Right was totally violated by wire taping his conversations though.
I do know that the FBI did this.
I do know that the FBI then leaked these tapes to the Press, which is illegal.
I do know that the Establishment, Globalists & the media all want to take our President down.
I do know that Trump needs to clean house, and get every person working against him outta there! If they were part of the Obama Administration, they need to go-NOW! We can not have enemies int he camp!”

Yesterday, President Trump held a Press Conference and the media just couldn’t wait to pounce on him in an attempt control the “Russian connection” narrative. Instead they were totally shut down! President Trump came in and talked directly to we the people. Because of this the media was not able to manipulate anything….we heard straight from the president and it was so refreshing! Eventually I think people will just completely ignore the media, there power is waning because they lack the ability to report the truth!
Keep pressing on my Deplorables, we are Making America Great Again as we stand united against enemies within and abroad! 

Below is a Facebook Live, from yesterday, I’d like to share with you all: