“Back Talk” -with special guest Brandon Tatum.

Did you miss last night’s “Back Talk” -live with Conservative Momma? If so catch it here.

Topics covered:
– President Donald J. Trump sending troops to the border
– The importance of a strong border as a Sovereign Nation
– The USA and China trade war
– Free speech vs agenda speech; Social media’s incompatibility with 1st Amendment rights.

I was then joined by special guest Brandon Tatum who is a Conservative YouTuber, former Tucson Police Department Officer and current Director of Urban Engagement at Turning Point USA. Brandon shared his journey of why he LEFT the Democrat Party and how he found truth.

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Free Speech

This….this simple quote by Voltaire, is one of the primary reasons I am a Conservative: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” It is a simple quote, defining the individuals right to speak freely, and the willingness of so many to preserve this right. This is why I am a strong supporter of the Constitution, which includes our Bill of rights, the FIRST amendment being the Freedom of Speech! I have noticed a recent flippant disregard for the Constitution, but let me remind you, it protects your ability to speak freely. With the recent tragedy in Paris, I have to say I am so thankful to live in a country that defends our right to free speech. Let us never for a moment take this right for granted. Let us fight to defend it. And let us undoubtedtly support those who we have elected that stand by the constitution, without it -we would not be free.

I mentioned on my Facebook Page that, it’s kinda strange how the ideology has changed among Liberals and the Freedom of Speech. Their parties platform for years preached freedom to liberate ones self through speech, they were adamant protectors of the 1st amendment. But then the Tolerance movement hit…i.e: “free to speak as long as you don’t offend.” Which ironically nullifies the concept of the freedom of speech.

This, again is why I am a conservative. I will not be caught up in the hype, or trends. I will stand by the Constitution, it has sustained and preserved freedom longer than any other nation on earth. I will then support those who also defend it!

I saw Conan O’Brien’s speech addressing yesterday’s tragic events, it rang true, because it is: 

“Tolerance is too often an excuse to not stand up to the tyrannical”  -Conservative Momma

Can a Libertarian be Pro-Life?

I got in an interesting debate the other night with some of my siblings, which is of course the norm! If you are new to this blog, I often mention my family, I am one of seven kids and when we all go back home to visit -it gets a little crazy (just ask my husband)! My side of the family is much more vocal! We all love to drink wine, debate and it makes for a helluva party and a really fun environment….as long as no one has toooooo much wine, which has happened and that’s another story in itself! 😉

So as I have mentioned in previous posts via Facebook, my thoughts and political views have evolved the more and more I educate myself on the role of government and our founding fathers original intention. I have found…we have gotten somewhat OFF track! The role of government was designed to be limited, and if you haven’t looked around lately…the government is all up in our business…and what I have noticed is….they are extremely incompetent and worse…they have NO concept of monetary value-none! They are like a teenage shopaholic, that stole her momma’s credit card, loose in Nordstrom! They spend spend spend….with no consideration on the effect this will have on our future generations. We have never been here before people….we have never been this far in debt, we have never not lead as the world’s strongest economy and we have no idea what this results in years down the road!

All that ranting to say….I am not a huge fan of big government. No government would be insanity….small government/limited government-perfection! I have so much to say on the benefits of limited government but that will be saved for numerous blogs to come!

Anyway…that’s not what the debate was about, it was about whether or not a true Libertarian could be Pro life? I argued yes! Am I saying I am a Libertarian, no…But the more I study history and the original role of government-their doctrine is appealing. Am I pro-life-YES! That’s why I chose to argue that yes, a Libertarian can be pro-life!

Libertarians are all about individual liberty-you stay outta my business, I’ll stay outta yours, which I like…a lot! We can go into specifics on their stances in another post.

According to the Libertarian’s platform, one of their principles clearly states: “they (government) must not violate the rights of any individual: namely, (1) the right to life — accordingly we support the prohibition of the initiation of physical force against others;”

Now we can get all technical, but according to SCIENCE, Life begins at conception, therefore that life conceived (whether convenient or inconvenient to the one carrying that life) has those same rights as you or I! Furthermore, Libertarians “support the prohibition of initiation of physical force against others.” Ahhh geeez let’s see, if it is a life in the womb (and it is) any physical force (ummm abortion) against that LIFE is against their (libertarians) creed!

Ahhh but you’d argue, what about the one carrying the life, don’t they have their own individual rights? Yes, they do. They have the right to NOT have unprotected sex when a baby could easily be made -because that involves another INDIVIDUAL! It’s called responsibility! For example, casually having a loaded unsecured gun lying around your house with toddlers in it, is irresponsible! If something terrible were to happen, you would be at fault-LOCK it up, be safe! Same goes, for casual unprotected sex, be safe, their are consequences! If you aren’t safe, and you conceive a life….that LIFE now is entitled to the same rights as you and I-period, so get over yourself! You don’t want the responsibility, than keep your pants on…geeeez!

I’d also add there are numerous people who would gladly take that life you created! Adoption is an awesome choice!

That in a nutshell is my argument. I would love to hear yours! Let me know…..can a Libertarian be PRO-LIFE??