Sometimes you need a visual:

Usually I can capture what I want to say in writing. But today, I thought…..let’s provide a visual. All too often I hear people say that Hillary is the most “qualified” to be President, here is what I have to say about that:


Trump, Taxes and Career Politicians-

Saturday late evening, the New York Times illegally obtained Trump’s tax records from 21 years ago and published them, exposing that Donald Trump declared a $916 million loss in 1995 that might have resulted in him not paying taxes in some subsequent years.

First, NOTHING illegal was done here. Donald didn’t take a hammer to his phone & other devices that were subpoenaed evidence, he didn’t lie under oath, he didn’t lie to the American people and blame the death of Americans on a video, he didn’t illegally use a private server while serving the American People- that compromised American lives, He didn’t delete 30,000 emails with bleachbit, he doesn’t have a top aide that worked for a Radical Islamic Journal working for him, he hasn’t had multiple people he has worked with or associated with mysteriously die, he’s not married to an alleged rapist…….I could keep going, but I think you get the picture.

In short, there is really nothing to see here in regards to this illegally obtained info that the New York Times (owned by Globalists)  wanted us to see. Our current tax code allows every American to count losses against tax liabilities, which is what Trump has done. In fact, it’s a smart move. Every individual and business tries to pay as little as possible in taxes–that is if you are wise about it. Every charitable gift and business expense is found during tax time so that less is taken by the government! If you are angry that the rich and big corporations are allotted more tax deductions than you are,  you can’t get mad at them, blame the elected officials who created the current system!

Trump’s response:


He’s right!
We have got people running our country that have NO CLUE what they are doing! Our lawmakers are comprised mostly of Career Politicians. These guys are trying to solve problems they have no business solving. If you were having problems with your car would you take it to a barber shop to have it looked at and fixed? No, you’d take it to a mechanic! We have got people that are professional politicians running the show. Their only accomplishment is holding office and getting re-elected to hold office! They don’t know how to fix the problems they create, yet we keep electing these do nothings!
Under our current progressive career politician President, our National Debt has doubled. Does that look like these guys know how to handle our finances? If in Eight years YOU doubled your debt, would that be responsible?
I say let’s put an Executive in the Executive Branch! Business minded individuals DEMAND results! Electing career politicians to fix the problems they created is the definition of INSANITY!
We have the opportunity to hire someone who is not owned by corporations and special interests, someone who is opposed to the Globalist agenda and will provide solutions to the “cluster f” created in DC.
37 days to go…..let’s stop the insanity!

The groomed politician is ruining America

If you want to fully understand the total mess in Washington-follow local politics…..because this is where it all starts. To say that it’s “like” high-school, would be a huge understatement- it is high school….except there’s a helluva lot more ego involved! The ‘cool’ group that has been in play since Reagan left office in the Republican Party-is known as The Establishment. They decide who represents them on a local, state and national level. To get in the cool group there are a series of things you must do: show up at every local event and be seen, give money to the party, and most importantly suck up to the “behind the scene’s players”….these are the guys that essentially pick who they want as a candidate. I am sorry to inform you if you thought that YOU pick….no….no you don’t…….the “behind the scenes” players pick….then they parade their candidate around as the ‘chosen’ one. The “behind the scenes player’s” convince you that this is the ONLY guy that has a shot at winning in a General election. This is the ONLY guy that can raise the funds needed… you think the guy knighted by the Establishment is your only option and you vote for him or her….and they begin to work their way up the political career ladder.

The ‘chosen’ ones are puppets on strings. They do what they are told, when they are told! They talk how they are told to talk, and they vote how they are supposed to vote. The Establishment, as I have written about in previous blogs, has hijacked the Republican Party. They are not proponents of small government and they do not tout individual rights…..they are swayed by lobbyists and big corporations, and care little for your every day average American citizen. They essentially are Democrats from 30 years ago that vote “pro-life” but have done NOTHING to further the pro-life movement.

Am I totally disheartened by this-yes! Am I frustrated that the Republican Party has been infiltrated by a system that was never intended to exist-yes! Imagine if our founding Father’s saw this ‘career politician’ ideology in play!? It was NEVER ever meant to be a career! Being a public servant was never supposed to be a career. From an outside perspective it looks virtually impossible to change the system, right? I mean…..if you don’t play by the rules-that are really a load of crap-the cool group won’t let you in…..

But you see…..I thought it was hopeless, until someone stepped into the ring that is not playing by the rules at all. Let’s be clear…..if Donald Trump had not stepped into the ring-the Establishment would have presented us with Jeb Bush. He would have been the one we HAD to pick, because he could raise the money. If the Establishment noticed that Jeb wasn’t resonating with us, they would have pulled up Rubio or Walker as our other options. Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Rand Paul (my favorites) ….would HAVE NEVER been dubbed as the “chosen” ones because they are anti-establishment. They don’t play the games….but you often have to play the game to win or at least to get recognition….uhhhh which makes the whole thing nauseating right?

So Trump stepped in….taking all control away from the Establishment. This is not an endorsement of Trump….this is just an observation that infiltrating the system of “career” politician and bucking the protocol CAN be done. The ONLY way to change the horrendous ‘boys club click’ that it has become- is to watch Trump and others that have beat out the ‘chosen one’ who was backed by the Establishment. It has been done…it can be done. We watched Dave Brat do it when he was up against Eric Cantor.  While many career politicians pander to the Establishment……I say, go back to how we were originally intended to be. Resonate WITH the people. Be real. Talk TO the people not at them-because you are one of them.

Trump’s playbook is worth a read….

The only way to stop the groomed politician -who is inherently a slave to the greater powers at play-is to expose the system and refuse to partake in it.