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I am with The Party of Choice

I was recently shared this video below and I wanted to share it with you guys.

What’s really amusing to me is the so called “party of choice,” allows for no choice. The Democratic party once touted the ideology of classic Liberalism-the ability to choose for yourself, but this is no longer anywhere in their platform. In fact they would rather put all your personal choices in the governments hands….because the government knows best 😉 Thus, the creation of a NANNY STATE, because you don’t know what’s best for you. I wrote a blog a while back going off about “choice”-you can read it here, below is an excerpt:

     They (the government) would like to make ALL decisions for you. In fact they don’t want you to choose anything! 

They don’t want you to CHOOSE what school you send your kids to.

They don’t want you to CHOOSE what your kids eat when they are at school.

They don’t want you to CHOOSE what you use to defend yourself from harm with.

They don’t want you to CHOOSE your own healthcare.

They don’t want you to CHOOSE your own doctor, and if you like your doctor…ya can’t keep em’ fyi.

They don’t even want you to CHOOSE what kind of car you drive, because your car might blow up the planet! (ultimate sarcasm) 

They don’t want you to CHOOSE ANYTHING!!! For real…

Unless….you are choosing to well…you know…get rid of that cluster of cells…that science would call LIFE.

The Government wants to make all grown up decisions for you….because in their eyes-you’re an idiot!

Being a true Conservative, is being for individual freedom, and with that you are given the right to choose what is best for you! Watch this video! What do you think? Why are you a conservative!?