The 6 things the text messages between FBI Lawyer Lisa Page and FBI investigator Peter Strzok have told us:

The lead FBI investigator of Hillary’s private server investigation was Peter Strzok. Peter Strzok was having an affair with FBI lawyer Lisa Page. Text Messages between the two have been released and these messages have ruined my trust in all leadership at the FBI. Sadly it is being reported that close to 50,000 of these text messages have “poof,” just disappeared. And we are told that it’s totally normal for this to happen. Ya right!

Here are 6 things that have been deciphered from the text messages:

1) They Display anti Trump sentiment: “loathsome human” and “an idiot.”
So much hate that Strzok was removed from any investigations involving Trump. I personally think the guy should be FIRED. 
2) Recovered Text Messages also display these two love birds knew that Hillary would be let off the hook, BEFORE FBI Director James Comey even talked to Hillary! 
3) Recovered Messages also talk about an “Insurance Policy.” I believe this insurance policy most likely was the fake Dossier (Document) paid for by Hillary Campaign.
4) This fake Document was then used by the FBI to obtain a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrant to start the Mueller investigation of Trump and Russian Collusion.
5) These Text messages call for greater interest in a four page Memo that the Congressional Intelligence Committee is in possession of, that suggests the FISA warrant was the “insurance policy.” I personally believe all of this was used to undermine the President in an attempt to impeach him.
6) Lastly the text messages also talk of a Secret Society (that an FBI informant is confirming) within the FBI that is Anti Trump and set to undermine the president. 
I used to trust the leadership at the FBI, I don’t anymore. I will talk more about this on tomorrow’s live show! Tune in and watch! I will cover the text messages, the women’s march, term limits, and a special parody one on one interview with Nancy Pelosi. 9pm EST, Thursdays watch here: Follow/like:  FacebookYoutubeTwitter. See you all tomorrow!
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Can somebody tell my kids today is a day without women?

Today, March 8th is “A day without a Woman” day. The organizers of the liberal anti President Trump Women’s March are at it again, and we still really have no idea what the goal of this “day without women” is…..

They are calling on women to wear red, don’t go to work and don’t spend money.

“Women and our allies will act together for equity, justice and the human rights of women and all gender-oppressed people, through a one-day demonstration of economic solidarity,” the organization’s website reads.

Huh…..I am still lost on how we as women here in America are not equal with men…cause I consider myself equal. What rights do men have that I don’t have?

“Gender oppressed” …..what genders are being oppressed?

How about we stand up for the women in  Middle Eastern countries that are being married off at the age of TWELVE years old!?

How about we stand up for the homosexuals in these same countries that are being killed just because they are gay?

How about we speak up for the real oppression of women who are treated like cattle in these countries? Those that are forced to under go gender mutilation?

How about we hold a day of solidarity against terror organizations that are raping children and women and selling them as sex slaves?

As these women “show their solidarity” today in wearing red, not going to work, and not purchasing anything…..which is really just a liberal tantrum, I’ll continue mocking these demonstrations; because REAL oppression is taking place, and these women are SILENT on the REAL issues.

So….I made this little gem….

As momma, there is no “not showing up for work day.” Yeah….tell my kids about “a day without women”…..they’ll respond the same way I do -a blank stare.

It MEANS nothing.