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Latest Commentary- December 22nd 2020

Hey you guys!

As I mentioned last week, I will be recording my commentary and posting it on Rumble and Youtube.

In this video I talk election updates, the “Stimulus” bill, and the real goal behind it all.

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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and blessed New Year!

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Since the Fact Checkers are trolling me in an obsessive creepy way, because BIG TECH has a preferred candidate, I will just start posting here, then sharing through links. We have entered full blown Communist China with the censorship folks! The fact checkers who are really just Democrats are “fact checking” people stating that they have evidence of fraud —-is insane! Listen, evidence will be presented in the courts, then what will the fact checkers do?

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Attorney Sidney Powell, states that her team has found 450,000 ballots in key states all marked for Biden. No down ballot markings. Just almost half a million ballots marked

“There has been a massive & coordinated effort to steal this election… more than 450,000 ballots in the key states… miraculously only have a mark for Joe Biden.” —Sidney Powell

To be clear, Six states with 79 electoral college votes give Biden an edge of just 269,715 voters. If these 450,000 ballots are fraudulent ballots, then ….well….you know what this means.

To the Democrats, you called for an investigation into the possibility of “Trump Russia,” collusion in 2016,’ because you didn’t trust the election results. Over 70 MILLION people DO NOT trust the election results of 2020. Why won’t you all call for an investigation, to ensure the integrity of the Election???

This is going to go to the courts.

Stay tuned you guys! It’s heating up! Shut off the mainstream media, and PRAY like you have never prayer before!

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The party of “unity” and “empathy,” ummm that’s a joke…right?… right?

I actually find it hysterical that the Democrat National Convention’s theme has been “unity,” and “empathy.” They have absolutely zero, and I mean ZERO self awareness!

-This party REFUSED TO ACCEPT THE ELECTION RESULTS OF 2016. Where is the “unity” in that? They launched a FAKE RUSSIAN HOAX! Actively working with the media in an attempt to convince the American people that President Trump was a Russian agent. A Russian agent.

-This party then tried to IMPEACH our President on a phone call! A phone call with NO WRONG DOING! They actually accused President Trump of what Hunter Biden and Joe Biden REALLY DID in Ukraine!

-This party is blaming our President for a virus that started in China! China. Oh, I would like to ask, what has President Trump done in regards to the virus that the “experts” have not recommended??? President Trump completely adhered to the “experts” advice. Oh and WHERE WAS the left when H1N1 broke out under Obama? Not a WORD. They were SILENT! SILENT.

-This party refuses to tolerate people who don’t think like them. I’ve lost friends. Been literally “unfriended.” I’ve not been invited to friend & family gatherings. I’ve been called a “racist” by an “empathetic” relative. I have also been told I was “full of hate,” by another “tolerant” relative.
I have received threats in which police were called, a
ll from the people supporting the party calling for “unity.”

-This party sets fires to cities, look at the most crime ridden cities in America and I’ll show you a a Democrat run city. This party invites and inflicts destruction.

-This party burns churches, topples statues of abolitionists, Jesus, Mary and other Saints. 

-This party burns bibles!

-This party kills fully formed babies in the womb. FULLY FORMED HUMAN BEINGS.

-This party attacks and threatens people who say “All lives Matter.”

-This party attacks and threatens people who wear Make America Great Again hats.

-This party sides with Anarchists. The Democrat Seattle Mayor, the Democrat Portland Mayor, the Democrat Chicago Mayor, have let anarchists completely DESTROY THEIR CITIES, and Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have sat SILENT. 

-This is the party that accuses President Trump of putting children in cages, when OBAMA BUILT the cages at the border! This party CONSTANTLY PROJECTS. They accuse the right of what THEY ARE GUILTY OF.

-This party sides with Communist China over President Trump. COMMUNIST CHINA.

-This party disrespects our veterans and our flag.

-This party chants “pigs (police officers) in a blanket fry them like bacon,AND “What do we want dead cops, when do want them? Now”

This party has actively pushed for DIVISION and DISUNITY over the course of the last FOUR YEARS! I have NEVER in my life known a MORE INTOLERANT group of people.

Regardless of what happens in November, hearts have been exposed. I have seen hatred, violence, intolerance, division, backbiting, gossip, lies from a party that says they are about “unity.”

It’s an absolute JOKE.

My latest satire says all this in 2 minutes and 22 seconds.

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