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Hmmmm perhaps an intervention is needed….

I honestly get a kick out people who want MORE government. I then simply express the complete dysfunctionalism produced by these government run agencies and their reply is always the same “these poorly ran departments are just lacking funds!” And their answer-throw more money at them! Who cares if we are 18 trillion in debt….just give em more money! My reply…..”would you give more money to someone who was 18 trillion in debt?”

Always go to the source. Where are our tax dollars going? It’s not that we are lacking funding, we are lacking the intelligence on WHERE we fund. When you research ways the government wastes your money you’ll find gross incompetence!

For example according to forbes.com these are just a few of the many ways the government wasted your money last year:

$856,000 of our tax dollars was used to train mountain lions to run on a treadmill in order to measure the energy consumption of the cats’ hunting techniques

$820,000 to determine the impact of public breastfeeding on the rate of car accidents at crowded intersections.

$371,000 to study if mothers loved their dogs as much as their own kids by studying the way their brains responded to pictures of both.

$484,000 to study whether “drunk recall” of information learned while intoxicating is a real phenomenon, as part of a program titled “E=MC hammered.

I could go on and on…..

Hmmmm perhaps an intervention might be needed…..

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