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My totally random thoughts….

 My totally random thoughts 
Mid term elections are literally six days away, I’ll be honest, I have a few knots in my stomach. I have literally sat in complete bewilderment several times over these almost 6 years Obama has been in office, reflecting on how much has happened to our country under one president. 
Are my hopes that we will take back the Senate and keep the House-of course, do I think this will solve our problems, no….I just think it can postpone further damage.
What I find even more concerning is the game of politics at play looming after the elections. The healthcare premiums that are expected to rise on most of the middle class, the declaration of amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants (yes-they are illegal if they have not entered the system legally) which is against the will of the people…the American people. Our voice, ughhhh like I have said it time and time before is through our elected officials-our Congress-whether you like them or not and if you don’t vote then please just shut the hell up….
When our President and those elected override the PEOPLE, we have a problem. When they sneakily postpone exposing what the Affordable Care Act will do to the majority of people’s healthcare costs till AFTER an election, we have a problem. When we the PEOPLE are viewed as imbeciles who can’t make decisions and we need a government to make these executive decisions for us….we has a problem. The Constitution of the United Stateswas configured to stop these very things from happening but we the PEOPLE are not holding these people accountable to upholding the Constitution.
It’s not whether someone has a D after their name or an R, the question is-are they upholding the Constitution and do they defend it?
The answer from the very founding of our country was never MORE government, it was less government. America was founded in response to an overreaching tyrannical government in England.
You see BAD people will for the most part be bad. Good people whether they have a zillion laws or none, for the most part will be good. Putting a bunch of overriding constitutionally violating laws into play….won’t prevent the bad from being bad or the good from being good.
The power needs to be with the PEOPLE and we must fight to get it back to the people.
You want less poverty-elect those that encourage job creators to create jobs without taxing the hell out of them.
You want less crime-teach children the value of human life. This starts in the home with parents that PARENT.
You want fewer abortions-then teach your kids sex is not a careless act of pleasure, be responsible or better yet-keep your pants on until you are grown enough to except the consequences.
You want a better education for your kids-fight for school choice, it holds teacher’s and schools accountable to produce the best.
You want fewer people on welfare- give to charities
You want to fight global warming or Climate Change- recycle.
You want to make more money-be better then your competition.
You want to lose weight-put the Twinkie down and move.
Take Responsibility with your choices, and your VOTE.

Stop LOOKING to the Government for some law to be made, look no further than you.

Do something….ANYTHING!

You know what astounds me….I mean what really amazes me…the American people’s total lack of concern about being lied to. Straight up LIED to.
We were first told “if ya like your plan you can keep it, ” we were also promised that our health insurance premiums (through the Affordable Care Act) would Decrease, when in fact, just yesterday Katherine Sebelius admitted that they will in fact -increase in the next year. INCREASE!
I don’t care which way you vote (as long as you know what the heck and who the heck you are voting for) But, it truly does concern me that people are like -“ya the President lied to us…ok…so what??”

LYING. This is NOT okay people!

You know WHY this matters….because we are saying it’s okay by NOT responding! We are saying it’s ok by not speaking up.
When we stay silent we are giving this injustice our own stamp of approval.

You wanna know why are politicians are a bunch of hypocritical liars and thugs in suits….cause We have allowed it!
We have gotten too busy with our little lives and in the whirlwind of it all, the integrity of our nation has been lost.
Hey I get it, life is crazy-it’s busy!
But in the midst of the present we MUST look ahead to the future.

Will our kids think we cared? What proof do we have to show them that we fought for a free America? We fought for justice? What evidence will we be able to show our children that we did not stay silent when we were lied to, we did not approve! America is screaming for help, as her Constitution is being torn from her body. She is begging for someone to stand up and stop this abuse!
We must stand up, we must speak up!
This is America we are talking about people. We are losing her. She is slipping right through our fingers and we are doing nothing….

What can you do? You’re crazy busy… you barely have time to take a shower, and put your feet up…before you hear ‘momma’ or ‘daddy’….I get it-I do!

So here is what I ask….here is what YOU CAN do.

1) Don’t stay silent. Being lied to…is not acceptable-period. When a political figure lies…no matter the party-call-them-out! Blog about it, write about it, tell your neighbor, tell your local paper…
2) Vote. Not just in your general election but in your PRIMARY, elections are won and they are lost in the primaries. If we do not send our strongest, fiercest, most qualified to Washington they will be nibbled to bits by the Parana that abide there.
3) Go to your caucuses -it’s a meeting of your political party-cannidates are selected and policies are decided on YOUR behalf-just show up!

I still have hope that all is not lost, if we the people….begin to say enough and demand for justice!