Ok whaaat’s going on in Ukraine???

I’ll do what I want and you can watch me do it….is what we are currently witnessing from Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President.
We all know that Putin and Obama are not “friendly” with each other…but this outright show of force by Putin is something to take a closer look at.
Russian forces have now been deployed into Ukraine and are taking full operational force of Crimea, a peninsula in Ukraine. We are not talking a few soldiers here… over 150K Russian troops have been sent into the region!
Ummmmm so why is this happening?
The region of Crimea has many strongly pro-Russian civilians and once was part of Russia until 1954- many want to be part of Russia….at the same time…many Ukrainians DO NOT want to be part of Russia…they want to be free…like you and me.
Obama clearly stated on Friday that “that their will be costs to Russia” for military intervention in Ukraine. Putin is like …ya ok whatever…and is pretty much doing what he wants to do. Crimea has now been infiltrated by Russian troops…they are not necessarily invading or taking over the region but this current show of force is no bueno! Putin has said that he is there to ‘protect’ the citizens in Crimea….hmmmm protect them from what exactly ??? Who is he protecting the Ukrainian people from??? 
My thoughts are:
This blatant show of force is basically a middle finger to the US. We say one thing and Putin does the other…not cool…  
Also, Putin has sat back and watched the US slowly decline it’s military…numerous military cuts have been made under the Obama administration and now we are cutting spending on our Veterans-those that have already served…(that’s a whole other story…don’t even get me started on how I feel about the total lack of appreciation we have shown to our troops who have served!)
Does Putin believe that we are less of a threat?? Clearly we have seen a total lack of respect towards the US….are we no longer a force to be reckoned with??
Finally, I totally believe that Ukraine should be free from any Russian invasion but why are we focused on this? There are tyrants all over the world invading people, why are we focused on this specific scenario….what is known that we don’t know???
Secretary of State John Kerry heads out Tuesday to Ukraine…   
Will watch this story unfold perhaps a little more clarity will come…