Reagan did it…..WRONG!

I am so over Liberals comparing what Reagan did with Amnesty to what Obama is about to do!
Just to clarify, in 1986, Congress passed a full-blown amnesty act, known as the Simpson-Mazzoli Act. This granted residency rights to roughly 3 million families. Now there were a few issues after this was passed. Some qualified for amnesty and some did not.  This left cases in which some spouses qualified and some did not, causing separation of immediate family members, mom gotta stay-dad had to go. Nobody wanted to see this happen, so Reagan through Executive order fixed these particular situations. Now I LOVE Reagan, I seriously love him, but the Simpson Mazzoli Act did not go exactly as planned. 
The act was to be strictly enforced but ahhhh when it comes to the government enforcing anything it’s often a fail (except for the IRS-they’ll get ya every time). So, because the act was not strictly enforced illegal immigration actually increased immensely the years following the mass amnesty. (Which is why the border MUST be secured before any immigration reform takes place-common sense right) To say “Reagan did it”- is showing no knowledge of our errors made in history.  A grant of “amnesty for all” to solve our immigration problems is not a solution.
Now, realize under Reagan the mass amnesty was all done with Congressional involvement. What Obama plans to do is to override Congress completely which is totally unconstitutional! Just because one’s conscious leads one to “feel” a certain way about immigration does not mean you can do whatever the hell you want to “feel” better.
The Constitution and the separation of powers were put into place to protect our liberty. One particular branch of power is not to be “more” powerful than the others. Ignoring the other branches that are part of our framework is insanity and illegal!!! For Obama to postpone deportations and impose his own conditions on those delays,  is essentially rewriting the LAW. Hellooooooooo you can’t re-write the law without going through congress! Obama obviously never watched school house rock!
 Obama took an oath to uphold the law, not to re-write the law. Just because you don’t like the law, doesn’t mean that you are allowed to break it and act like an Emperor! Obama is NOT the law maker, he was elected to be the LAW enforcer! I don’t care if you are for immigration reform or not, but supporting a president that is defying our very framework, does not make you sympathetic to the illegal immigrant situation but instead supports a man that is violating laws that he swore to protect and this……this….is un-American and without a doubt wrong.
My question is at what point is enough enough!??? At what point do people wake the hell up???!!!!

This is where liberty dies! Do people understand this? If we no longer uphold the laws that protect liberty….than liberty will be lost. 

Reflecting on Primaries

I read an article by the Daily Caller the other day in which Tea Party backed Chris McDaniel said that many conservatives don’t feel welcome in the Republican Party and I soooo relate. 

In my frustration with the Primary Election results on Tuesday night.  I took to social media. I made some comments on a few pages and the response I got was insane! Because I was not supportive of the candidates who won-I was immediately called a ‘closeted leftie’, RINO (Republican in name only) a crazy leftist. I was even told I had my head up my ass-no joke. Now I am a grown woman, I chose to comment and share my thoughts so I can handle the repercussions. 

Once I think that we are starting to get some movement some traction as a party…we come to a halt and I don’t even feel comfortable using the term ‘we’ because ‘we’ stands for unity and I see such division. 

Yes, together in November we will unite but I am telling you-we gotta figure this out now-before it’s too late. The amount of mudslinging and bickering that is taking place is insane. 

The primary reason I was ‘attacked’ was because I disagree with our decision as a party to back many who are part of the Establishment. 

The Establishment-permanent political class (old school Republicans) and Democrats are why we are where we are at as a country. 

Massive Government overreach-the Bush’s implemented this too, BIG government, lot’s of spending….

The last President who inherited a mess and fixed it was Reagan. If I am going to classify myself at this point-I am a Reagan Conservative.  

No president is perfect but the more I learn about him the more I respect and believe in his principles. One of Reagan’s primary goals was to reduce the growth of government spending, he reduced many taxes with the goal of reducing inflation. He was pro-life, there was an attempted assassination on him and yet he remained strongly Pro Gun, he was a Capitalist-a believer in the free market, and believed in giving power back to the states.  

We have drifted from this as a party. Reagan’s simplistic policies with no hidden agendas are no more. What remains is so convoluted and complex. The original intent -‘We the people’ has become-we the super-pacs, the lobbyists, the big corporations. 

I often feel lost in our party because of this. 

When trying to clarify my talking points on the social media fiasco the other night -there was no room for discussion. It resulted in name calling. 

If we are to continue on the path we are on, I question the Republican Party’s survival. There are changes that must be made in the party or it will die.  

What did I and do I suggest: 

We have to go after the young vote! How? They don’t want the government in their business more than anybody! We have to emphasize that the heart of the Conservative movement is getting the government out of our personal business! 

We have to get women to really understand that women’s issues go far beyond birthcontrol and who’s paying for it! 

We have to widen the tent stakes and include minorities and encourage them to lead! The democrats expect them to be an automatic vote-well let’s take that vote-Recruit! 

We all have moments when we are discouraged but I honestly do believe there is a hope. I believe that changes can be made but we have to be willing to listen to each other. We have to be willing to recognize that we as a party must make these changes if we want to win in General Elections….