Top 10 reasons on why I am voting Republican in this mid term election and why you should too:

Top 10 reasons on why I am voting Republican in this mid term election and why you should too:
1)      You don’t want to have your head chopped off. Yeah I thought I’d lead with this one. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s crazy out there! Obama has requested a 500 billion funding cut to our military in the budget for the 2015 fiscal year. I get we now fight with drones and rarely boots are put on the ground but this is not an area to cut! We need to first and foremost protect the American people and a strong military provides this! This money could be used in advancing our military technologies. I can safely say our foreign policy under this Democrat president and senate has blown! Other countries have made it clear that they do not respect us, by killing innocent Americans in the Middle East, and taking over regions in the Eastern Europe. If Americais weak, this is a threat to the world.
2)      You don’t think that you should spend money you don’t have. It sounds simple doesn’t it…..I mean common sense, but the Dems don’t see it this way. Spend spend spend and let the future generations deal with the consequences! The National Debt was at 7 trillion when Obama took office a little over 5.5 years ago and it has now way more than doubled….yes….our national debt is now a whopping 17 trillion dollars!!! We are using money we do not have!!! That’s crazy insane! With China now being the worlds largest economic producer and we (the United States) greatly in debted to China….they just might not need us like they have, what happens when they come to collect their debt??? Voting for a democrat to handle your money is like giving a teenage shopaholic a credit card with no limit….ummm nutso!
3)      You think that every life matters and Every woman should have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Men too of course J  But this is specifically directed at all those “war on woman” chicas. Science alone says that conception produces life, therefore the LIFE growing in the womb (of a woman who wants that life or whether she doesn’t) has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If we are all about “choice”….let’s allow a choice to be given to the life hidden behind a veil of skin.
4)      You are not a fan of the Government being up in your bizness! Ughhh…for real. Our 4th Amendment rights, clearly are in place to protect our own individual privacy.  The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause. I don’t know about you, but I am not cool with the government violating this…and they are! The NSA has snooped through private phone calls, emails, etc…of normal Americans without any probable cause. Sure I am fine with them taping some crazy wacko potential suicide bomber, but they do not need to hear me talking to my husband, mom or friends….it is a total violation and a complete overreach of government and it has happened under Obama’s watch.
5)      You believe America is a sovereign nation. I know, I know sounds simple right, but for some reason our current administration is having a helluva time understanding sovereignty. It’s a simple idea really, the United States is an independent nation, governed by the American people under the framework of the Constitution. Sovereignty is essential to our Independenceand freedom as a nation and as individuals. Not securing our borders, creates an un-sovereign state, creating a total mess and from this mess develops a government controlling the people and not a government controlled by the people. If you want to be a citizen of the United States…that’s awesome, for real, but you have to follow the path to citizenship that is in place.
6)      You believe that every child is different and learns differently; therefore they should have the choice to go to any school you see fit. It’s called School Choice and Republicans are in full support of it. “Well kids will just leave the bad schools and go to the good schools,” is the argument I am hearing and I reply with: “So you would have these kids stay at the bad poorly ran schools?” Competition produces the best and we want the best for our kids.
7)      You believe that the government should not be involved in what healthcare or doctor you choose.Ahhhh the infamous Affordable Care Act, pushed through congress without a vote. You are young and don’t have the money to spend on healthcare that let’s say someone in there 60’s may have…well that’s a bummer…but you still HAVE to buy it. Ya…I know this is America and supposedly all about freedom…but you are not allowed freedom to choose not to have healthcare, or else you are slapped with a hefty tax…I could go on about the AFA and perhaps I will in a future blog.
8)      You believe that lower taxes enable growth and that the government has no clue how to handle your money. I mean, clearly…they don’t know how to handle your money-I mentioned our insane debt early. Oh and just google: “the ways government wastes your money,” the results are devastatingly comical. Anywho…people, it’s basic economics 101, rich people/corporations (and yes corporations are made up of people-fyi) provide the JOBS (which we are lacking). When you tax the rich an insane amount, they no longer can provide the jobs. They simply pack up and produce their product in a country that has lower tax rates; this causes a ripple effect obviously. Corporations and the rich are not our enemy…BIG TAXES ARE!
9)      You are having a helluva hard time finding a job. 93 million Americans are out of work-yep….I know it’s nauseating. I argued with a woman saying that unemployment is at a new low-5.9%. Ya…it’s low, because that count only includes those still looking for work and those still taking unemployment. It does not count those who have totally stopped looking…because they came to the honest realization-there are no jobs. Ask yourself this, how could the unemployment rate drop if less people are now counted in the labor force? It can’t, but the main stream media thinks you are a total moron and won’t put two and two together.
10)  You believe poor people shouldn’t stay poor. That’s right, under our current Democrat Administration, the poverty rate has hit a 50 year record! 50 million Americans are living beneath the poverty line ($23,550 for a family of 4). That means 1 out of every 6 Americans is living in poverty. We sadly have over half of Americansnow receiving some kind of government assistance/aid and it’s still not helping the poverty rate-and it never will. This is creating a society dependent on government and when you are dependent you are not free. But dems have no problem keeping people dependent because that means more votes for them! It all connects….

I could go on….but these are my top 10 reasons on why I am voting Republican and I think you should to! Ballots come out next week, VOTE and tell everyone you know to VOTE and VOTE SMART!

A need to clarify

Let’s just be clear-

The president yesterday said: “why are folks working so hard for people to not have health insurance.”

Oh Mr. President…dear sweet precious Mr. President….you see …when you say stuff like this…I just can’t help but think…why- oh why- are you soooooooo divisive. We as a nation have become so polarized and hateful. And the captain at the helm of the ship, fueling this divisive hatred is you.  When you make Conservatives out to be the devil…I once again feel obligated to speak up….

Conservatives are NOT against everyone having healthcare.
We are against a government FORCING people to have healthcare.
We are against the Government playing a bigger role than they ever were intended to! 
We are against skyrocketing insurance Premiums.
We are against much higher prices for prescriptions.
We are against the middle class getting hit the hardest by this implementation!

We are against being promised that we can keep our plans, but in reality we are being straight up lied to.
We are against the pro-choice party allowing for no-choice with this new law.
We are against this law being rammed through Congress without any input from the House.
We are against (and I actually am rather amused) that the guy that thought this thing up (Obama) has never paid for his own healthcare. On top of this -he has no clue about the healthcare industry. He went from Community Organizer to Senator to Prez  ..hmmmm, nope no healthcare resume in there-it’s kinda like watching a fish walk on dry land 🙂
I have spoken with Dr’s who think they might have to close up shop due to this new law-for real-awesome-once again killing the small business!

So, let’s just get this out there….This whole thing is set to eventually shut all private healthcare down. Leading to a single taxpayer system run by Government….
What does that mean???
Well it means this: let’s say you got a sick child….they need a costly operation …the govt will decide whether it’s ‘worth it’ and then you’ll be told to wait- (Just think the DMV-which is run by govt or The Post Office which is also run by govt) -while your kids life is on the line…..
Or shoot, let’s say your 80 yr old mother needs a transplant of some kind…oh that’s nice but at 80 it’s probably best to just give her a pill and let’er pass….
You see….Conservatives aren’t against helping people who need help-that’s how the left would have us viewed.
We have just simply seen the way our Government runs things that should be privatized and it’s scary as hell!