Watch out for Pitch Forks!

Well….watch out for pitch forks folks! 
Shooooooot! If you have views that are different than the trending mainstream, or your own political thoughts that could be considered controversial  or  hold true to your religious convictions-they’re gonna hunt ya down! 
Ya-I mean it’s turned into a witch hunt out there people! 
I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘tolerant’ and so called ‘diverse’ started knocking on doors and throwing us in water-if we sink than we’re not bigots but if we swim-burn us at the stake! 
In case you haven’t heard, Mozilla’s Firefox CEO resigned last week because 6 years ago he gave money to Proposition 8-which supported traditional marriage. (Which by the way Obama supported that same viewpoint -when asked about it 3months earlier that same year ’08 but of course he’s since changed his mind). 
Here’s the deal-I don’t care if you are gay, straight, transgender, asexual, bisexual….you name it-this discrimination- is straight up wrong! 
The gay community is attacking those that are different from them for holding different views! This is the same thing that they were fighting so long against and now they are the instigators-this is crazy pants! They want ‘acceptance’ but won’t accept those that believe differently!??? Whaattt….Ya I am scratching my head too!
Last night my husband and I were talking and he showed me a viral video of a Marine chasing after some hippie dude riding a scooter with the American flag upside down in protest. My husband was pleased with the Marines response and angered by the disrespect for the Flag. At the same time that hippie-though I totally disagree with him -has that right! He has the right to be an ass! He has the right to protest in free speech and I would never want that hippie dude thinking he’s gonna lose his job because he wants to protest!
Are we now going to hunt down the other 7 million in California who also supported Proposition 8?? Fire them ALL…BURN THEM ALL…sound familiar? This is nutso for real! 
We are free to disagree! I am constantly disagreeing and not supporting things-especially in this blog! Do I want those people who I  don’t see eye to eye feeling as though they might lose their job-heck no (unless they are breaking the law or something)! This is our Constitutional right…hunting down people that one group considers intolerant is beyond hypocritical!
If you believe in traditional marriage you should not be afraid to say it! If you don’t believe in traditional marriage you should be allowed to say it!
Too many have fought and died so that we may FREELY disagree!!!
I love to debate! As a kid our dinners consisted primarily of debate-my oldest brother -always playing devil’s advocate-drove me nuts-but I still loved him! Disagreed with him, wanted to strangle him at times, but still loved him and always will! 
You see….Diversity is DIFFERENCE. A difference of -opinion, religion, politics,  and so forth. You can’t celebrate diversity without ALL the elements-and those elements are not all the same and not all alike. 
You can not be ‘tolerant’ to only the views in which you agree…this would be hypocracy in it’s purest form….
***Below is the video I mentioned-respect the Flag people-it stands for so much (and that’s my opinion and I am sticking to it!)