The Party of Choice

The Party of Choice 
Let’s talk choice shall we….
Ahhhh the party of “choice.” Blah blah blah blah blah…..ya I have heard it…I have, over and over and over again….I get it…the Democrats are the party of “choice”….or are they? Really?
Let’s just be real….that “choice” has got a bunch of hoopla surrounding it, but at it’s core-“choice” to the left, is simply supporting the right for a woman to choose to end a life growing inside her…
I have also heard a lot of left-wing women -whack jobs, coming out and saying that they are even finding ‘empowerment’ (gag…ya I just gagged)  when they stop that inconvenient life growing inside them. So ya…I get that you all are proud of having that right to “choose”….
But let’s talk “choice”……let’s really talk about choice, shall we…
I don’t know about you….but I have found that the government is pretty incompetent… I mean let’s just look at some things they are in charge of- the DMV (Department of Motorized Vehicles)…first, get in line and wait…and wait …and wait (and try to forget about the stinky, I haven’t showered in 5 days guy, you have been sitting by for the last two hours!)  After you are done waiting, paper work and red tape…did you bring the red tape, or did I bring the red tape…who the hell brought the red tape (license, registration, change of address, no checks…ha ha just kidding, ok we take checks, no cash tho)?!! For real….  Ahhhh ….“wait” that sounds familiar….like maybe you are at the Post Office…(also govt ran) or…
the VA (Department of Veteran Affairs) only in this case…people are seriously DYING, due to “waiting.” (a foreshadow of Obama care fyi) 
All I gotta say is the government is having a helluva hard time running anything!!!  
Yet, we are entrusting them with everything-our finances, our safety, and more and more of our day to day-life choices.
We, the American people, are choosing “More government” (which is the total opposite of what our country was founded upon).  The emphasis of MORE GOVERNMENT is strongly supported by the democratic party, and these completely incompetent nit-wits want to choose for you….that’s right, (that 70+yr old bald guy, that has been in congress for the last 30yrs-due to ‘no term limits’-wants to make decisions for you and your family-like he has a clue) they want to be all up in ya bizness! They think you are a total moron and that you can’t think for yourself….AT ALL.
They want to make ALL decisions for you.
They don’t want you to CHOOSE what school you send your kids to.
They don’t want you to CHOOSE what your kids eat when they are at school.
They don’t want you to CHOOSE what you use to defend yourself from harm with.
They don’t want you to CHOOSE your own healthcare.
They don’t want you to CHOOSE your own doctor, and if you like your doctor…ya can’t keep em’ fyi.
They don’t even want you to CHOOSE what kind of car you drive, because your car might blow up the planet! (ultimate sarcasm) 
They don’t want you to CHOOSE ANYTHING!!! For real…
Unless….you are choosing to well…you know…get rid of that cluster of cells…that science would call LIFE.
But whatever right…….
Oh and don’t throw the gay marriage thing at me either…because I totally support civil unions (which entitles all the rights of marriage)….”marriage” has a religious affiliation -which abides under sacred context…and we can debate that another time.
So there ya have it….
So…. I ask you to CHOOSE…..seriously….do some research, get informed, and figure out what party “allows” you more freedom. And if you aren’t about “freedom” then…hmmm you just might be living in a country that is not for you. Because, AMERICA is the land of FREEDOM….if you aren’t harming another life…then get out of my bizness…for real…

“Party of Choice”…….pleeeeeeeease! (said in a very sarcastic, snarky, bring it on kinda way 🙂 ) 

Let that Life have the CHOICE of Life

I am disturbed. I saw this on a link today and I was left speechless for a moment-which is yes, I know…rare…..
So the president of Planned Parenthood, thinks women need abortions for Valentines day…no joke, this is for real. Went to her twitter page and it’s legit.
I want to know why anyone thinks this is okay…
Like….having an abortion is just like grabbing a box of chocolates or flowers…
I mean seriously…seriously???
This is disgusting and disturbing.
My right, my choice, my body….yada yada yada…

But you see this women “empowerment” stuff is not empowering at all…it ‘s crippling. This choice that so many women advocate for is concealing the truth of a life ended. A life the world will never know…

With all this false sense of “I am woman hear me roar” lurks truth and the forever what if…..
What if these lives that are taken so casually are world changers?
They could have developed the cure for cancer, the cure for aids, been president of the United States-one that unites and does not divide, solved world hunger, cured Alzheimer’s disease, saved a kid from a burning building, stopped a terrorist attack, or simply had a family and raised a couple of kids with their spouse and tasted pure love.
We have no clue what the lives that have been snuffed out in the womb would have been, could have been….
Cecile Richards the president of planned Parenthood suggested having an abortion is a typical everyday occurrence at a dr’s appointment, like getting a breast exam or pap smear…
Let’s be clear….this occurrence is a life ENDING procedure. This occurrence not only ends a life but it takes life from the world. A world that might have forever been altered by that life’s existence.
The life growing inside the sacred safe sanctuary of the womb…is a person, a life….and quite possibly a world changer.
Let that life have the CHOICE of LIFE.