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Hi there guys and thank you for reading my blog! Life is crazy busy right!? We often get soooo busy we forget to look up and look around. As a momma of three littles, I am a busy gal! But, it was when my dad ran for congress, I realized I had to start speaking up and speaking out about what happens in the world of politics, current events and parenting and what the hell, throw in a little sass ans satire when needed! ;) “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

LIVE Commentary with Conservative Momma:

Hey you guys-

I know that I have not gone LIVE in a LOOOOOOONG time. No I haven’t disappeared, I have been with my family and took a little time off. Still following all that is going on and yes, it’s complete insanity.

This latest live actually is to encourage you. You might feel like things are out of control, you might feel like the walls are closing in, you might feel hopeless, but I want to tell you WE HAVE A HOPE.

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Eat the COOKIES!!!

“Put this experimental, non FDA approved substance in your body or else you lose your job!”

Uhhh, stop telling me this is a “choice.” This is FORCED COERCION and IT MUST STOP.

The below satire isn’t “over played,” it’s actually exactly what we are up against. In fact, Obama’s former Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, actually said that people who don’t put this experimental, non FDA approved substance in their body, should not be around children.

The LEFT is straight up crazy, and on a totalitarian power trip right now. Like, we’ve gone to full blown psychotic mode. These people want Absolute Power and Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This stops when we say “NO!”

Here is the latest “Eat the Cookies!”

Keep praying for this country you guys! Keep siding with freedom and keep being a VOICE!

Good wins. God wins.

Just don’t blame the sunscreen…

In order to avoid censorship, I have to literally link my video onto my site, before posting on social media.

Vaccinated people are getting Covid. Get this though, it’s not the vaccine’s fault, it’s the fault of those opting out of getting the vaccine. Makes sense right….. right….?

Here is the latest satirical post:

“Just don’t blame the sunscreen.”

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We, the government will decide what you can and cannot hear and say….

Hey you guys!

I have been on a little break. Spending time with family, reflecting on the state of the world, and asking God a lot of questions. It has been good. I think all too often, “Freedom loving Americans,” get caught up in the go go go, that we forget “who” and “what” we are fighting for. Being present and spending quality time with who and what we are fighting for is essential. Life is short. It really is. I want to invest in what will continue long after I am gone.

With that said, I am back. I will still be in and out until after Labor Day. Then after labor Day, I hope to be consistent with vlogs, satire, commentary, events and so forth.

While I was just re-engaging with what I missed, I caught a live Press Conference from Jen Psaki. Jen said that “we (the Executive Branch of our Federal Government) will be flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.” My jaw dropped when she said this. I mean, we knew that the Biden Administration was colluding with Big Tech, but to say it out LOUD! Wow! This is a a direct violation of our FIRST AMENDMENT. The government cannot censor speech! I would like to know “who” determines misinformation? We all know that “misinformation,” is any information that does not fit the Left’s agenda. We have seen highly accredited Doctors, Scientists, and even the creator of the MRNA vaccine CENSORED because the Left does not want any alternative opinions. It’s insanity. We are currently living in 1984!

After hearing Psaki, I had to shoot this Satire. Honestly, it leaves one not knowing whether to laugh or cry. The truth is being suppressed and censored, not just by Big Tech, but by our own government. With all that said I know this: Our Founding Fathers didn’t need Big Tech to fight back against Tyranny, the Israelites at the Red Sea, didn’t need Big Tech to defeat the Egyptians, Gideon didn’t need Big Tech to defeat the Midianites, David didn’t need Big Tech to take down Goliath and Jesus didn’t need Big Tech to defeat death.

We have God on our side. How do I know this? I know that God sides with FREEDOM. “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom,” 2 Corinthians 3:17. Censorship is not freedom. Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Racism, and all the other junk pushed by the left –is not freedom -it is bondage. God is for freedom. We are for freedom and freedom will win.

Share this Satire and keep praying for this GREAT country. The country that believes in FREEDOM.

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Happy Birthday to the GREATEST nation on earth!

Two Hundred and forty five years ago, brave and courageous men Declared America’s Independence from authoritarianism.

These men said “no more!”

We will not pay your taxes.

We will worship our God.

We will speak freely!

And, we will use our weapons to defend ourselves from your tyranny.

These men then went on to fight a war against the tyranny.

These men then wrote the Constitution of United States, with the primary purpose of LIMITING the role of government, and protecting the freedoms of the individual.

There are those who do not want the individual free.

There are those who do not want America to remain sovereign.

There are those who wish to eradicate patriotism -a pride in country.

Globalism can not coexist with those who love their nation.

There are those who want the freedom of worship abolished.

Marxism can not thrive when people acknowledge there is a God, and government is NOT God.

Today, We celebrate our Independence.

We stand unified against all of those wishing to take out independence.

We honor those who have given their lives defending, protecting and preserving our independence.

We again declare today, that We are ONE NATION, under God, and we are INDIVISIBLE.

Happy Birthday, to the GREATEST NATION on earth! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸