January 8th 2021 Commentary:

Hey you guys!

It’s absolutely nuts out there! They are shutting every FREE thinking American down!

If you voted for Joe Biden, you voted for straight up Communism and you don’t know it. This is what Communist China does. No dissenting thought or opinions are allowed. They try to isolate dissenters- free thinkers. This is happening RIGHT NOW. No debate is allowed, no alternative viewpoints. I get it you voted for Joe because you hated Trump. But maybe when you see:

-Babies that survive abortion murdered.

-Churches forced to go against biblical teaching.

-The 2nd A being regulated into extinction

-Forced vaccination

-A stacked Supreme Court

-American jobs shipped to China

-China completely owning the U.S.

-The END of women’s sports

-Prosecution for using the wrong pronouns etc….

Then maybe you’ll see it…. maybe.

Nah… I doubt you’ll ever see it. You are a frog in boiling water.

BUT for THOSE THAT DO SEE IT, BIG TECH literally created the REBELLION today! Suit up. If these Big Tech Globalists and Communists really think that they can take the FREEDOM away from People that have ONLY KNOWN freedom —they are fools.

Revolutions start with a spark, and I am looking a flames.

Here are my latest thoughts below.

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