Georgia to audit/HAND RE-COUNT and MY REAL THOUGHTS here:

Georgia election officials announced today an audit of presidential election results that will cause a full hand recount. Now we need Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to do the same thing!

It is unclear if the recount in Georgia is going to audit each vote- which they SHOULD! Every fraudulent vote should be thrown out!

Trump received 2.43 million votes in Georgia. The difference between presidential and senate votes on the Republican side was 818. Biden received a similar number of presidential votes. The difference between presidential and senate votes on the Democrat side? Almost 100,000. This means that 100,000 PEOPLE “supposedly” filled out a ballot just for Biden and not for Senate. Which is a JOKE! This alone calls for a red flag!

Another thing to note during all this it, we have gained Congressional HOUSE SEATS. We haven’t lost seats, and right now we are close to holding the SENATE! So all these votes that Biden is supposedly “winning” by, are votes only cast for Biden and no other Democrat candidates.

While the Mainstream Media is claiming “no fraud” in the election, more and more people are coming forward signing affidavits claiming fraud. In Michigan, over 11, 000 people have come forward claiming fraud, that’s just Michigan. Democrat Whistle blowers from Dominion voting systems have now come forward and spoke to Attorney Rudi Giuliani claiming votes were intentionally switched. Videos of ballots being thrown away are all over the internet, hurriedly being taken down by big tech, poll watchers were kicked out of ballot counting stations, Hundreds of thousands of ballots showing up in the middle of the night- all for Biden, which is statistically impossible. Flip a coin a hundred times and get heads every single time, and postal workers coming forward saying that they were told to backdate ballots.

I woke up this morning to a headline by yahoo news this is what it said:

“Postal worker admits his claim of ballot tampering wasn’t true.”

Then I go on Twitter and here is the postal worker claiming he NEVER RE-CANTED his story 👇.

The Media is outright LYING to the American people right now. I have interviewed women who have lived in Communist China, one was thrown in a concentration camps for over a year- this is what they do in COMMUNIST CHINA! They SHUT DOWN INFORMATION. Our media is intentionally trying to control all information right now.

Here is the TRUTH: The election IS NOT OVER. There is no “President- Elect,” Fraud HAS TAKEN PLACE and THIS WILL GO TO THE COURTS!

We are AMERICA and over 71 Million PEOPLE do NOT trust the election results!

Also, have you noticed how the Biden campaign is SILENT. Just like they were SILENT on Hunter’s laptop and Hunter’s partner’s claims that the entire Biden Family is compromised and OWNED by Communist China. The Biden’s haven’t said a thing on this, not one thing!

If you were running a race and somebody claimed you cheated, would you just have no response? Or would you say “I did not cheat, roll the video footage, slow down the tape, test me for drug use, investigate the situation -because, I did NOT cheat!”

Silence, says so much doesn’t it. It just says so so much.

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