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Jealous much…

People always talk about greed and how terrible it is….it destroys, corrupts and can never be quenched. Now I am not a fan of greed, but what I found is in the end, it tends to damage the individual most.
What I am witnessing is something that has the ability to control the masses, stirring up anger, resentment and rage. Those who have the power to manipulate and wield it, obtain all authority and we are seeing it used today by many political operatives.

It is jealousy.

They have what I want and I want what’s theirs.

Accompanied by this jealousy- is judgment.

They shouldn’t have a house that size.
They shouldn’t drive a car that nice.
They shouldn’t be able to frequently eat at that nice of a restaurant!
They shouldn’t be able to take that many vacations.

No one should have that much money.
No one should be that well off.
No one needs that many houses.
My question is…who are you to judge?
You don’t know how much those people give or don’t give to those in need.
This immediate assertion that those who have, should give what they have worked for, to those who have not, is not freedom.
 A place with all ‘haves’ is heaven.
A place with all ‘have nots’ is hell.
A place where you can go from having nothing to working hard and having something is America.

Are you ‘guaranteed’ -no. But you are given a chance, the ability to climb up! You were born an American.

So I just want to say….if you want something, get up off your ass and make it happen!

Do some people get a head start-Yes. Is the process ‘fair’ -no, but we were never promised ‘fair’ -we were promised the ability to ‘pursue happiness.’

This ‘you owe me attitude’ is divisive-it does not unite.
Stop thinking about what others have, what you don’t have, and judging those that did seize the opportunity to pursue.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If you do nothing you get nothing.

No one owes you anything.

Are there some that are incapable of achievement? Yes- but very few, if you are reading this then you are not one of the few…!

Now get out there and be the BEST!