Commentary February 24th 2021

Bear with me on this one, I started a new streaming service today so was trying to figure everything out. I am a work in progress 😉
Today I discussed:

  • Migrant Facilities and the complete and total hypocrisy of the left.
  • Why do people panic when I say I am not getting the vaccine?
  • Biden and Kamala on vaccine just months ago
  • Equality Act and how it’s really the Unequal Act
  • Why Satan our enemy hates women.

Watch HERE or click the link below. 👇

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God Bless you all and keep speaking THE TRUTH!

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One thought on “Commentary February 24th 2021”

  1. No vaccine for me either and I am a 74 year old woman. Only way I will take one is a non RNA one shot version that has been tested for at least one year. Want to bet Gates and Soros have NOT had an RNA based vaccination???


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