If you think no fraud happened, you have been gaslit.

Gaslighting, an elaborate and insidious technique of deception and psychological manipulation, usually practiced by a single deceiver, or “gaslighter,” on a single victim over an extended period.” –Britannica

Americans saying “there is no fraud” have been gaslit and brainwashed by the mainstream media. They have heard “no fraud, no fraud no fraud,” so much that they BELIEVE no fraud occurred.

These Americans haven’t looked for evidence because deep down, they don’t want to find evidence.

Saying something doesn’t exist repeatedly doesn’t mean that that something doesn’t exist. 

30% of Democrats believe the election was stolen from President Trump. Over half of Republicans believe cheating occurred. 

These gaslit Americans say that courts have rejected all cases due to fraud, is simply untrue as well. Courts haven’t heard any cases. Courts have rejected cases due to standing, not due to hearing evidence and finding no evidence of fraud. 

Also, our Constitution clearly states in Article 2, Section 2, that state legislatures are to make election laws. Not Governors -not Secretaries of State – but The State legislature. 

U.S. Const. Art. II, § 1, cl. 2 (“Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, [the] Number of Electors” to which it is entitled)

The state legislature was removed from this process in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona. 

These states created election laws outside of going through the state legislature. Therefore these states do not have Electors represented by the legislature. They are Unconstitutional Electors. 

This alone throws the election. Electors from these states should not be counted.

But that’s not it. THERE IS EVIDENCE OF FRAUD.

And if any American took the time to watch the hearings in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin and Georgia- the EVIDENCE WAS PRESENTED.

If any American took the time to listen to the testimonies of the Untied States Postal Service workers. The EVIDENCE WAS PRESENTED.

If any American took the time to watch the viral video of Ruby Freeman counting thousands of ballots with no supervisor in Georgia -they would witness a display of CLEAR irrefutable Election interference.

Last week, I sat and watched the Georgia Senate hearing, as a hacker hacked into a polling place (that was open for early voting for the Georgia Senate runoff) LIVE infront of the hearing.

How can ANY AMERICAN, think “ya- our polling places are secure,” after a hacker HACKED INTO ONE LIVE IN FRONT OF A HEARING!!!?? 

I have taken the time to listen. To hear. To watch. To see. Most do not. Most don’t want to look, because it might upset their own narrative, so instead they regurgitate talking points fed to them by the mainstream media. 

The evidence presented over the last two months involving:


-mathematical impossibilities 

-sworn affidavits

-ballots without barcodes

-mail-in ballots without creases

-dead people voting

-machines owned by unknown foreign investors 

-Ballots counted with no supervision 

-Felons voting

-Chains of custody broken 

-Voter turnouts exceeding 90% in precincts 

-Fake names used on ballots

-The mismatched signatures 

-The recounting of the same ballots 

-Ballots showing up in the middle of the night with 90% + for one candidate over the other.

-Missing USB cards containing vote counts

-Machines being hooked up to internet

-Republicans being kicked out of polling places

-elected officials currently serving who are compromised by ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

(I am not even going to dive into Dominion voting systems and their alleged ties to Communist China, this would be a whole other can of worms to open.) 

FYI, Chinese Communist Party was been behind almost all of the occurrences in 2020.


All of it! 

To close, No THINKING individual can say “no fraud.” 

To say there is no fraud is WILLFUL ignorance. 

Now, if fraud has taken place, (which it has) then it must be corrected NOW, or else we lose our voice as Americans. We will no longer be a Republic, we instead will have chosen to be a banana republic. There is no point in voting if our vote is corrupted. 

Regardless of where you stand politically, everyone should be fighting for fair, transparent, & JUST elections.

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3 thoughts on “If you think no fraud happened, you have been gaslit.”

  1. Funny how you list all these alleged ways that fraud took place, yet you do not actually provide any tangible evidence— much in the same way Trump and his team haven’t been able to produce a single shred of evidence in two months.

    Saying something exists does not mean it exists.

    Along with your proof of election fraud which I have no doubt you will provide, would you mind also providing sources for your claims that 30% of Democrats believe the election was stolen from Trump? Thanks in advance.


  2. Has any of this supposed “evidence” held up in a court of law? No, it hasn’t. Not once. Not in any state court. Not in the Supreme Court. Not after 50+ attempts. Not after recounts in Georgia and Wisconsin. Not after Trump called the Georgia Secretary of State and told him to “find votes.”

    If you accuse someone of a crime, the burden of proof is on you, the accuser. You have no proof to support your accusations of fraud, because there is none. Accusations are not evidence. Speculations are not evidence. The products of your imagination are not evidence. Your hopes and dreams are not evidence. Your lack of understanding about how elections work is not evidence.

    Trump lost because 6 million more people voted for Biden. You’re only gaslighting yourself.



  3. If there’s so much evidence, why don’t you provide any? You state time and again that you’ve seen the evidence—‘all’ the proof—yet, you don’t provide even a single tangible piece of this supposed evidence.

    30% of Democrats believe the election was stolen? Please provide sources for that information, as well as for all other unsubstantiated claims you make in this poor excuse for an article.

    You’re just another grifter trying to get rich off riding Trump’s co—erm, coattails while pretending to love this country and promoting your fake patriotism. You are no different than the 5000 others doing the exact same thing.


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