Latest Commentary on what I am REALLY thinking:

Hey you guys, due to the insane amount of censorship I am enduring, I am going to be posting my videos on the FREE SPEECH platform of Rumble, and then posting them on my website, and other social media platforms. I can not really say what I am thinking or feeling because of the BIG TECH Censorship taking place right now, so this is the alternative.

Here is my latest commentary as of December 15th, 2020. Listen, and subscribe here or the link below: 👇

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One thought on “Latest Commentary on what I am REALLY thinking:”

  1. I watched your video and can’t tell if this is a performance or if you really believe this stuff. You sound no different than the hard leftists in 2016 wishing for a miracle that Trump wouldn’t be seated and that he was some kind of Russian asset. You seem proud to espouse ridiculous, disproven conspiracy theories (which explains your YouTube issues—they are a private company, they can censor disinformation). You’ve proven a theory I’ve held for a long, long time: the hard left and the hard right are really no different from each other. Watching your video reminds me so much of my leftist family members in 2016, but even they accepted Clinton’s loss after a week or two. Biden won the election, mostly because the suburbs could not stand Trump. People split their tickets, which explains why the GOP had a decent election night. The sooner you accept this as a fact, the better you’ll feel. Remember, even a supermajority conservative Supreme Court wouldn’t even touch this ridiculousness—it’s sad to watch someone like you not only fixate on it, but seem to live for it. Let it go. The truth will set you free.

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