Facebook is Not allowing video to be shared, view it here:

I have gotten multiple messages from people saying that Facebook is not allowing them to share my video and then I tried to re-share the video myself before accusing Facebook of censorship, thinking that maybe there might be some technical error, Facebook would not allow me to share it either.

Here are a few screen shots of what people would see when they tried to share:

If you like my videos please subscribe to my Youtube Channel here . If I get shut out by Facebook and Youtube and other Social Media, this site will be where my work is published, so please bookmark this page and subscribe!

There is nothing more powerful than TRUTH in Comedy.

20 thoughts on “Facebook is Not allowing video to be shared, view it here:

  1. Just subscribed after noticing FB censorship. You have a great gift to get the conservative message out. Never quit.


  2. You might consider archiving your videos on BitChute too. They operate as a torrent as opposed to a single server under control of a single entity.

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