Get off your a** and STAND.

No one goes to a movie or sits down to watch a sporting event and hopes that politics will be shoved in their face. No one. It is that moment when you can escape it. That moment where you can shut the real world off, you can shut off the day to day grind and ….well….relax.

This hasn’t been the case lately. Celebrities have decided to shoot their mouths off politically at every turn. Jennifer Lawrence just recently implied that our recent Hurricane’s are due to voting for Trump. Which is odd because I don’t remember Cuba, or the Caribbean Islands voting for Trump….do you??? Well, as a result to these political outcries by out of touch celebrities, this years summer box office hit a 25 year low in sales! Last year we watched multiple NFL players take a knee during the National Anthem and as a result NFL ratings tanked. These players were protesting….many things. Police Officers treatment towards people of color, oppression, white privilege, and they believe that not standing for the flag would change all this.

The irony here is these individuals who refuse to stand for the flag are essentially protesting the symbol of freedom. That’s what the United States Flag IS a symbol of –FREEDOM. They are actually protesting what symbolizes their right to protest. The strategy in not standing was not clearly conveyed last season or understood by the vast majority of Americans. This kneeling during the National Anthem just came across as disrespectful (because it was). When most Americans were asked if they understood this public display in not standing for the flag, they didn’t.

I had a gentleman write me in response to the video (below) saying the “flag was flown during slavery in our country and should not be respected”…..and “technically” I would say no-the U.S. Flag during that time only had 33-36 stars. Okay….yes, I will freely acknowledge that the flag was flown during some very dark and terrible times in our history, but it was also flown during the END of slavery in our country, it was flown when the 15 Amendment was signed declaring Blacks the right to vote, the flag was flown during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s, it was flown when Jim Crow Laws were overturned, it was flown when the first Black President was sworn into office in 2009. The flag has been flown through huge social advancement achievements in our history as well.

I want to know how not standing for the Flag will provide justice for those claiming injustice? If Black lives really mattered to the Black Lives Matter movement, why are they not in Chicago? Where hundreds upon hundreds of Black people are killed each year by other Black people. Black on Black crime sits right around 90% of black murders!!!! If these NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem REALLY cared about the harm taking place in the Black Communities, they’d quit their jobs (they have enough money to do it) and they’d be living in these Black communities educating, encouraging father’s to be father’s and not leave their families, they’d be working on drug prevention, meeting with Police Officers and coming up with SOLUTIONS. They would be taking action, instead of taking a knee. What we are witnessing is showboating. I have NOT WITNESSED ONE protesting individual coming up with solutions to the problems being protested. I just see anger and rage on repeat. My question is HOW do we solve this? Is not standing for the Flag going to solve this? I actually think not standing will further the divide.

Our flag is ahead of us on social advancement, because it is the seal of our freedom. It presses each of us to pursue freedom. It presses each of us to pursue equality under the law. If you don’t stand for the flag you are not standing for equality, or the advancement of freedom ……..and freedom knows no color or race.

Too many have given their lives so that freedom may be preserved and advanced in our country.

You stand for the flag.

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41 thoughts on “Get off your a** and STAND.”

      1. Hey, you! Yes Linda Connors, you, the game he does every week is his JOB! No one else is allowed to go to their job and demonstrate. They will fire you. They will tell you, demonstrate on your own time. Right now that game is your JOB! Linda connors, you must not have a JOB or you’d know that. If you go to work, go out to the place you work on their dine time and tell them, your going to demonstrate. See what happens. Any company worth their salt, will tell you, when your here at work you work. You don’t sit or kneal or whatever and embarrass the people who PAY YOU, you work or get out. When we pay you to work. You work. THose football employees are employees. They are getting paid the BIG BUCKS TO DO THEIR JOB! Did you know why some are traded or get let go? Yeah, it’s cause they aren’t being a contributing part of the team that pays them BIG BUCKS. So Linda Conor’s, you judy not have a JOB! Otherwise you’d know. Btw- Collin kapernick, has no job anymore. He couldn’t get signed. He’s unemployed. Yeah! That tells anyone who has a brain, You can’t demonstrate on the job and embarrass the employer. So think about that one if your not a liberal. We all know liberals don’t know what work or job or TRUTH MEANS!


  1. Critique: The “flag was flown during slavery in our country and should not be respected”
    Response: The flag was flown during abolition, civil war, and emancipation too. And should be respected.

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    1. Our flag symbolizes the lives that have died for your freedom. They died for EVERY color of skin.
      The flag has flown during some dark times but it has also flown during the abolishment of slavery, during the overturning of Jim Crowe laws, during the Civil Rights movement, and during the swearing in of the first Black President in the U.S.. It has flown as freedom has advanced itself over the course of our history.
      The flag is ahead of us on advancing freedom….we are too stuck on color to see the flag knows no color.


      1. Dying for our freedom? You need to learn a bit more about history and current events before you make more of a fool of yourself.


      2. my husband and my bil, both Army vet, symbolize the lives of those have died while they served!
        as for freedom…. most european countries have as much freedom if not more than the U.S., and they take care of their vets and working class people.
        all that without respecting a piece of cloth! just imagine! ;o)


      3. You mean the stupid ass flag represents oppression, murder, genocide, white supremacy, to hell with your flag, to hell with your anthem, to hell with your president, to hell with this misreable ass wicked ass country, to hell with your eagle. God is goubg to utterly destroy amerikkka


  2. This moron didn’t say a thing about her kids watching Roethlisberger (the rapist) or Michael Vick (dog fighting ring) or the Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger Scandal. Not to mention “Bountygate,” Eugene Robinson (Soliciting for sex), and don’t forget the New England Patriots Spygate. Those role models for your kids are fine? Why don’t you invite OJ Simpson over to instill some values in your kids? F***ing Right Wing lunatics.


  3. Missing the point when everyone turns a blind eye. You opinion matters to you but. If you walked in that persons shoes up would understand. By the way to stand or not to stand doesn’t make a petson less patriotic. Again, your missing the point behind his courage.


  4. Those soldiers fought and died to protect the freedom these players are exercising. It’s funny how right wingers bitch and moan about freedom, yet wish to deny the freedom that the very first amendment to the constitution guarantees, simply because they don’t agree with (or in her case doesn’t understand) the message.


  5. So… would you stop talking to the rest of America if the “under God” part were removed from the Pledge?

    I sure hope so.

    You seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of the history of this country and what that pledge (which was altered, much like our money, to include that “god” bit) stand for. It’s OK. You’re probably used to just interpreting things as you see fit so you can better fit your fanatical and damned near fascist narrative. No, I’m not a Leftist, I’m just tired of people running around throwing out nationalist pride like it’s the fuel that drives this country forward and denigrating anyone who doesn’t follow suit. That’s not what America is about.

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  6. LOL. You provide your children with food, and shelter and love…. Gee, that is the minimum you should be doing. Are we supposed to get up off our asses and cheer for you for feeding the children you gave birth to? And what is this “we” you are talking about. You don’t speak for everyone. You certainly don’t speak for me or millions of others. As long as this athlete is not disturbing the proceedings, he is exercising his right as an American to silently protest. It’s funny. You conservatives are all about freedom until you bump up against someone who is exercising their freedom and it doesn’t fit in with your narrow, ignorant definition of it. You may be feeding your children, but you aren’t giving them too much intellect. Prejudice. Bias with just a smidge of racism thrown in. Yeah, that’s about it.

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  7. And letting murders of unarmed Black men off with no repercussions is respectful? Bitch I bet you don’t stand in your home with your hand over your heart when the anthem comes on. Why not? You talk about a country that has provided opportunities. What about the Black soldiers who fought for this country, watched some of their friends die only to come home and be discriminated against, called nigger, not allowed to eat or piss where White folks do, job promotions given to lesser qualified White men, should I go on? Is that opportunity or respect? To get respect you have to earn it. Go ahead, turn it off. I can plainly see you give more of a damn about a racist anthem than human life being taken for no reason.

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  8. You white folks love to talk about black on black crime, yet according to the FBI crime report, white on white crime is right up there with black on black crime, so stop distorting the facts like you do on everything else.


  9. What if your adopted child gets slapped by a police officer while also shooting and gunning down your friend or even a stranger but just because of his skin color he is more dangerous or seen as a threat that police officer along with his police officer brothers and sisters code of honor (for us is dishonor) would you not stand up and even try to protect their freedom of Rights to live basically first of all just that slap in the face that he doesn’t matter would you not try to protect him? It seems as you are a part of their problem ! They are not of your race you do as your race does so you turn a blind eye! Yet your adopted child has been slapped by your guests in your home want to talk about honor that is a double slap in the face if in your home you do not even stand up for your child the one that you feed and shelter! This child is not your skin color but you feed and shelter him you are discriminating that adopted child versus your biological child! You should NOT have adopted or allowed that child into your home! This is 2017 SLAVERY! Your actions are disgraceful and Despicable in yet that child that is adopted is choosing not to give up to live in your house but actually just doing one thing which is dishonouring your flag and those who abide by your white race, that’s a slap in the face! SIT DOWN! …and take MANY seats with your family , friends. And strangers! Youre to DRUNK to understand what they live on the daily basis even as a youth they are taught to watch out for people like you! No mystery why your define unfair and blind discrimination from your birth or you and many others are disgracing and shaming your upbringing…. sit downs a matter of fact, bury yourself in the chair and try to learn this before you sit up and talk as if you know a thing or two about other people’s RIGHTS of FREEDOM!

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  10. Not one time did she mentioned why they were taking a knee. She mentioned her children that are alive and well. Trayvon, Tamir, Renisha, Michael, Scott, Castile…and many more, who live in america receive no justice under the flag. She did not speak to the fact that they will never see their children again. She did not speak to the fact that those players are Fathers first and they are effected by the murder of children that look like their children. This women needs to take a second look at her priorities before pointing her finger. This rant is an insult and a slap in the face to humanity.

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  11. Title 4 Chapter 8 of the US code of how to respect the flag states that it is not to be worn as apparel at any time. Yet, your avatar shows our revered symbol freedom as high heeled shoe. You are so disrespectful, and per the request of your hero, you should be fired.

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  12. Are you boarder line retarded or you just don’t care about what they are protesting about. I believe its the latter because obviously a song and bloody rag is more important to your privileged ass then black people being killed by police and getting away with it. Now i pray a black cop kills your son and whatever peacful solution you have to deal with it i ptay the world calls it un-american.

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  13. Hi,
    I just had a moment and came across your video regarding the issue of athletes kneeling. As US Marine Corp Vet I’d like the opportunity to speak with you on this issue, in a productive manner. I feel the issue isn’t just one sided and is an important discussion to have not only between fellow Americans but also for the message that’s been sent to our youth. So if you would consider a peaceful and respectful conversation, I’d be very interest in sharing my view point not only as an American, but also a combat vet who served right after 9/11 and a black man. Thank you in advance for the consideration, and God bless


  14. To have such an aggressive view of an issue you do not understand from the race of the people that are offended is a one sided blind view. Your tone came across as America did these mostly Black men a favor and allow them to play football. The truth is they trained, they fought and they of their own strength and dedication made it.. There are people that didn’t stand during the pledge when I was in school for religious reasons. As a 15 Year 100% disabled combat VETERAN, you’re right we fought, we fought for citizens to have the right to kneel, to protest to speak and even for small minded Americans to have blogs and videos sharing their political opinions freely. The Flag is not what honors me as a veteran it is the american values and freedoms of All Americans that honor me as a vet.


  15. It doesn’t matter what would happen at our jobs. There’s nothing in the NFL collective bargaining agreement which prevents players from kneeling or sitting during the National Anthem.
    Why not? No other workplace uses the propaganda of the national anthem or flag and forces on their employees like sports. Read the words to the entire National Anthem and tell me what’s patriotic about it?
    While not wholly about slavery, the third stanza of the Star-Spangled Banner celebrates the killing of escaped slaves who went to the British side to try and win their freedom. the national anthem clearly revels in the killing of slaves that were liberated by the British only to be killed as the American army retook Baltimore. While this is wrapped up in the specifics of a particular battle, it is hard to see the stanza as anything but racist.
    Colin Kaepernick chose to sit on the bench during the national anthem to protest police brutality.
    It baffles me that his protest is still being misconstrued as disrespectful to the country, flag and military personnel. It’s exactly the opposite. It has always been my understanding that the brave men and women who fought and died for our country did so to ensure that we could live in a fair and free society, which includes the right to speak out in protest. I have too often seen efforts belittled with statements like “He should have listened to the officer,” after watching an unarmed black person get shot, or “There is no such thing as white privilege” and “Racism ended years ago.” We know that racism and white privilege are both very much alive today. And it’s disheartening and infuriating that President Trump has referred to these players with slurs but the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Va., as “very fine people.” His remarks are a clear attempt to deepen the rift that have been tried so hard to mend.


  16. I’m a young black man and I agree with you that kneeling During the national anthem will only cause more divisiveness.

    At the same time, awareness needs to be brought to this country on injustices period. It just so happens that America has a long standin history of injustices towards “Black” people, & apparently there are many people who either don’t care or just don’t know, somehow.

    You mention in your video having young children. Could you imagine your children growing up to be gunned down by a police officer…god forbid. & for that police to face no consequences other than losing their job, for taking the life of your child?

    That just so happens to be the fate of thousands of black families across this country which we all love so much.

    Nonetheless, I agree with you when it come to bringing about solutions. I would love to hear, read, or see what your recommendation of a solution should be.

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  17. You are completely CLUELESS to your white privilege. You provided them an opportunity in what way? These men trained and worked hard to get to those positions. You have done nothing! They don’t owe you a damn thing. If you don’t like it don’t watch. You are not the momma of any of these men! You don’t get to tell them what to do or when and where they can do something. WHO exactly do you think you are? I am confused or perhaps YOU are confused. Nothing else seems to get through the thick skulls of some of you people. NOBODY is disrespecting this country or the flag. It’s a peaceful protest but you are frazzled to pieces! WHY???? Let’s hope none of your precious children gets gunned down by police for a minor infraction as so often happens to blacks. THAT is why they are protesting. Senseless police brutality doesn’t bother you but people kneeling over some symbolic idolatry does? You may want to think real hard about your beliefs lady.


  18. I have just one question for you.

    Will you be changing your logo from a the flagged stiletto; because according to the US Flag Code:

    The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery. It should never be festooned, drawn back, nor up, in folds, but always allowed to fall free. Bunting of blue, white, and red, always arranged with the blue above, the white in the middle, and the red below, should be used for covering a speaker’s desk, draping the front of the platform, and for decoration in general.

    The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever. It should not be embroidered on such articles as cushions or handkerchiefs and the like, printed or otherwise impressed on paper napkins or boxes or anything that is designed for temporary use and discard. Advertising signs should not be fastened to a staff or halyard from which the flag is flown.

    You are disrespecting the flag; are you no better than those kneeling.


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