They are what they “hate.”

Am I the only one that finds it absolutely INSANE that the majority of Anti- Fascists are funded by a Nazi sympathizer!?? Yep -George Soros, who recently gave money to an ANTIFA group called “Refuse Fascism” -essentially worked FOR Hitler back during WWII. When Soros was young and living in Hungary, he confiscated property of the Jews for the Nazi’s! When recently asked if Soros regretted his actions from years ago, he said “NO!”

The Anti-Fascists ARE the Fascists! They hate people on the basis of skin color and class. They claim to be all about diversity, unless it’s diversity of thought. They hate free speech and whenever possible try to shut down free speech -we see this at Trump Rallies and on College Campuses. They initiate violence with those who disagree with them. They hurl urine at Police Officers and spit in people’s faces they disagree with! In June a member of Antifa stabbed a horse in the neck with a flag poll at a “March Against Sharia” protest in Pennsylvania. WHO protests against a march that is fighting against the oppression of women and the killing of gays -because they are gay? I’ll tell you….it’s the alt-left, loony left wing Liberals!

These Anti Fascists claim to be all about “stopping the hate” yet they are fueled BY hate! They are motivated and operate in hate. They are angry, hostile, violent and full of rage! They are in fact the very essence of what they claim to “hate!”

Soros isn’t the only one backing these nut jobs. Hillary Clinton donated over 800,000 dollars to her new “Resistance” group. A political action committee that quickly counters President Trump with direct action and protests.

If you want to witness hypocrisy at it’s finest and those that want to divide America and not Unite America, look no further than ANTIFA and the people that fund them.

So…’s time to call em out!

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6 thoughts on “They are what they “hate.”

  1. It’s so true–they are so full of hate; it’s hard to understand why people can’t see it. But I have many friends who believe the media, so there’s that. Hard to discuss issues with those who can’s see that they are being manipulated.


  2. The ‘media’ as they call themselves are nothing more than enablers. As long as it’s ‘doom and gloom’ or sensationalized then it’s good for them! They’re also some of the most biased, subjective hacks in this country. Just compare the previous 8 years and the typical news-day compared to the last 8 months.
    There IS no comparison! Pres Trump donated 1 million dollars toward hurricane relief last week yet where are the articles or reports?? How much did Ofailure donate in 8 years?? But you can damn sure bet he’s enjoying his 8 million dollar house on the hill! But wear high heels during a visit to Texas and get burned at the stake!
    The media is a disgrace to this country and it’s citizens. Bar none.

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  3. George Soros was 15 (!) at the end of WWII… even though you admit being a troll you should at least *try* to stick to basic facts…


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