Proud Problematic Woman

I was just recently alerted to an article by Elle magazine published about two weeks ago entitled “How do we criticize problematic women.” The article is completely targeted towards Conservative women. The primary message is that instead of attacking Conservative women on their outer appearance, go after what they stand for. Which is hilarious because every liberal woman I debate has no clue what they stand for. Yes, they’ll rattle off words like “tolerance,” “male white patriarchy” (which is to blame for everything), and “love trumps hate” only to end up screaming obscenities at me and calling me ignorant.  It’s a predictable debate that always ends the same.

So did it surprise me to find that some Hillary supporting third wave feminist decided to attack Conservative women through the most passive aggressive article I have ever read….no… it did not.

Calling Ivanka Trump a “canny and ethically bankrupt opportunist,” Insinuating that Megyn Kelly only became successful because of what was said and done to her, and not for her work, and that she is a ‘Conservative Propagandist.’ Lastly the author slams Kellyanne Conway with a “skeletor” comment. Classy right…..this is how Liberal Women “empower” women they disagree with politically…..they name call, insult and label us “problematic.”

But, ya know what -go ahead Elle Magazine….call us “Problematic,”  because it’s problematic women that have changed the course of history for the better.

As a Conservative Woman, I’ll own “problematic.”

Here is my response to this asinine article by Elle Magazine…..enjoy 😉 #ProudProblematicWoman

11 thoughts on “Proud Problematic Woman

  1. As always I enjoy reading your posts and emails. I cannot wait to receive them. Like you I will own “problematic” as well; proud to be part of the group of women you mentioned in your email. I am so tired of being labeled “less than (a woman?)” Because I voted for Trump. I have turned my back on women! Ridiculous! I am so thrilled that Trump is proving to those liberals that he is the man for the job and I believe there is no way that Hillary Clinton could accomplish what Donald Trump has accomplished since he took office.
    keep up the great work and keep making me laugh and smile!


  2. So Elle magarag thinks that protecting Life, Liberty and Living a strong, leadership role in life is ‘problematic’? Expecting to solve your own issues and problems and not letting the government seep into every aspect of my life, is ‘problematic’? Then I will have to say that this Red headed, Cherokee, Mother, Grandmother, Leader, Minister, Certified Genealogist, Historian, Researcher, 4.0 GPA holder, Inspirational Speaker, Native Activist and all around decent human being will have to PROUDLY OWN THAT TITLE too.


  3. I wonder if some of the women you labeled as conservative Republican women would a) agree with you and b) those who are no longer alive feel comfortable in today’s GOP. I spent most of my life and working years in the Republican party and it took many years before my time as a partisan equaled the amount of time I spent in the civil rights movement. i did meet women working for civil rights, some of whom like myself were Republican’s, but never thought of themselves as conservatives or conservative Republicans. In fact, the conservatives didn’t considers US as either conservative or Republican. The descriptors they used about us were the labels of that time and precede that charming acronym, RINO, which we have been called and are thought of today.

    I think some of what you said is a real stretch and not factual.The Republican Party that was formed as an alternative to the Whigs was the anti-slavery party and some of today’s Republican’s harbor no good will toward people of any color other than white. They are often reluctant to think that there is still discrimination in our land. And if there is, it is the fault of the people on the receiving end because they are lazy, it’s past time for them to stand on their own and in fact accuse them of being racist. Other differences such as religion are often thought of the same way. These are not the people who ally with Democrats and altho I no longer think of myself as a member of either of those parties, and never was a Democrat..I want no part of being associated with attitudes about minorities that I find unacceptable. So I would disagree with you on that part of your defense. I don’t like the shallow attitudes toward conservatives either so i would hope you find a different way to express your beliefs and how they play out in contrast to those who don’t agree with you.


  4. Great job, proud problematic woman. I loved listening to you rip apart Elle Magazine. Keep up the excellent work. I wish I could spend some time with you. bluegrass_plucker

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  5. I love it when college educated so-called “feminists” use the phrase “white male patriarchy.” I mean can there be a white male matriarchy? Or a black female patriarchy?

    Just proves they are rubes and morons.

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