Bernie Sanders for President……maybe if I was uninformed….but I am not….so NO -to Bernie Sanders for President ;)

I was recently notified of a social media ad promoting Bernie Sanders, and I just can’t let it go without a rebuttal. Bernie Sanders is a Senator from Vermont running for President in 2016. He is a claimed “Independent” but I find the ‘Independent’ status a bunch of bull….Bernie is a Socialist. Though he is a total long shot -he is making some waves climbing the poles and gaining large crowds out in Iowa-the first state to hold a caucus/primary. I personally am not concerned about Sanders….I really don’t think he’ll be president, what I am concerned about is the ad (below) promoting him. The things highlighted that are intended to appeal to the average American….the uninformed voter, which unfortunately votes.


If you know me at all, I just gotta respond to this ” Progressive agenda,” so here goes!

1) Raise Taxes on the Wealthy: Ummm fyi, the ‘rich’ will always be rich. Socialism prevents YOU from ever being rich. Go ahead look at countries that are entrenched in socialism….it’s the middle class that ends up missing! I get it, your jealous of the rich….you want to take their money because you think they shouldn’t have all that money. You want the government to tax the crap out of them in order to get that money- I just gotta say take a look at France. They have a 75% tax on the rich and many of the rich are fleeing the country. You tax the rich like that -they leave….and there goes job creation-because whether you like it or not-rich people provide and create jobs!

2) Close tax loopholes for corporations that ship jobs overseas: Huh….you want to know why corporations are shipping jobs overseas? The United States has the 3rd Highest corporate tax rate in the world at 39%!!! Geeeez….here’s a thought, lower the corporate tax rates and corporations might not have to ship jobs overseas!

3) Constitutional Amendment to ban big money in politics: To be honest I don’t have a problem with this one-I think that big pacs, unions and corporations have drowned out the voice of the people. In order for this amendment to take place it must be voted on by Congress or a Convention of the States.

4) Tax Carbon and Methane emissions, rebate revenue to citizens: This is an oxymoron. Tax people and then give what you taxed back to people? In case you just happen to be clueless-ANYTHING the GOVERNMENT gives YOU, was TAKEN from someone ELSE.

5) Enact single payer healthcare system: Sounds nice right-government run healthcare-because the VA has done so well with it (sarcasm). Ok, let’s not just look at the VA, let’s look at Britain who also has a single payer healthcare system. Britain is projected to face budget shortfalls of 30 billion pounds — nearly $47 billion — annually by 2020! They are even having to ration care…..”ahhh you are sick…..get in line and we ‘might’ be able to see you…maybe…someday.” A shortfall of 47 billion is a BIG DEAL! Eventually creditors collect, and 47 billion plus another 47 billion….plus another 47billion……etc etc etc….is a big paycheck that could cripple an economy over time.

6) Break up the BIg Banks: Can you be more specific on this “Bernie Sanders Agenda for Progressive America?” It sounds like revenge and not resolution….just what is the end goal with Break up Big banks???

7) Free public college tuition: Whhhhoooooo!!!! Sounds awesome, reminds me of when Opera was giving away cars 🙂 “You get a tuition-you get a tuition-you get a tuition!!!” Only NOTHING IS FREE!!! As mentioned previously ANYTHING the GOVERNMENT gives YOU, was TAKEN from someone ELSE. Tax the hell out of Joe Shmoe, so Jane Doe can go to college. *note: if everyone has a college degree, it will no longer be a valuable commodity….thus making a college degree irrelevant, so then you’ll need to get a Masters Degree to stand out, but if Bernie’s president then it’ll be ‘FREE MASTER’S DEGREES!!!’ Hmmmm but then you’ll have to get a Phd………maybe we should just start giving out Phd’s ….for free…..FREE Phd’s…whoooohoooo!!! (sarcasm….a whole heck of a lot of sarcasm).

8) Pay Equity for Women: Ughhhh….seriously…..are we still having this conversation? Are we? Hmmm I guess until more people start talking facts like: The top women’s degrees in college are- English, Psychology, and Education. The top college degrees for men are: Engineering and Computer science…..and these degrees tend to make more money. Fact-Women also tend to take more time off then men. But when it comes down to working the same job-there IS equality! So stop believing this junk! I mean….aren’t you tired of being sheep?

9) $15 minimum wage by 2020: This is actually going to backfire. If employers have to pay $15 an hour, then that $5 dollar cheeseburger you enjoy is going to cost $10 bucks! Oh or better yet-let’s just not hire employees altogether and have a machine take your order 😉 Like it or not, it takes a helluva lot of work running a business and you don’t do all of that work to not turn a profit….

10) Make it easier for workers to form Unions: Ummmmm really? With the current total over-regulation of government- there really is no need for unions. Workers formed unions in the past to make sure they were treated fairly….but now people just sue the crap out of an employer that might be in the wrong. Now anybody can sue anybody! I mean if you can sue McDonalds for serving YOU hot coffee that YOU spilled on YOUR lap…..there really is no need for unions. FYI: Most Unions spend their money and time buying votes in DC….which makes #3 up there a total contradiction……..(awkward silence).

11) Expand Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and nutritional programs: These programs are government funded. Which means they are funded by YOU and me. Hitting the middle class with additional taxes to fund additional government run programs that often have an incredible amount of waste-is counterproductive to the middle class American trying to get ahead. Just google ‘ways the government wastes money’………..and you want to give them more of YOUR money??? Personally, I trust myself more than any Washington bureaucrat when it comes to my financial planning-

I know this was a long one, but I had to respond to this… really comes down to logic and filtering through the fluff that politicians will feed you to get your vote. What often sounds “good” is not inherently good or logical.


3 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders for President……maybe if I was uninformed….but I am not….so NO -to Bernie Sanders for President ;)”

  1. You hit the nail on the head on each point. What saddens me is the vast number of people who would look at that ad and say “Yeah! He’s right” having no idea of what the consequences would be.

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    1. I love what you said. People hear the word free and they get excited. Nothing is truly free. That money will either come from taxes or cause a budget deficit.


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